Hyderabad, India |  VP Software Engineering, Trilogy

Raghu Punnamraju

Raghu is a hardcore technologist at heart. He worked in the US for 15 years at international companies like GE before returning to India. Now he brings his skills to 100+ products at Trilogy.
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Why did you choose to work at Crossover?

First of all, the job description really caught my attention. It said "we acquire a new product, we standardize it in 2-3 weeks and then we're good to go". I thought: who does that? Then what really caught my attention was that the entire hiring and interview process was completed in three days. So this efficiency was completely enabled by technology or an architecture that's behind it. And it's not just a PowerPoint slide, this is in action and that really stuck with me. This is exactly what I was looking for. This is how I would like to inspire others with my solutions.

What do you love about your job?

I'm a hardcore technologist at heart. My passion is to really go deep and understand the latest technologies. But the architect in me wants to really understand them at a rapid pace and make a decision that's of high value for the organization. I'm a senior technology leader responsible for the architecture of 100+ products. We have a chief architect for each product and I coach them on a daily basis on how to improve the product architecture.

What's different about Trilogy?

I think what Trilogy figured out, which other companies are still trying to figure out, is that the best way to deliver a new solution is with great technical quality. The technology world is evolving at an exponential pace, and we need a workplace that gives you an opportunity to continuously learn, apply, improve, and go back to learn. I wake up deep diving into some new technologies that I haven't even heard yesterday – and the output of that is you are a better technologist than yesterday. And that to me is happening on a daily basis. I'm continuously improving as a technology leader, thanks to Crossover.

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