Philippines |  Product Chief Architect, Aurea Software

Thabet Burias

Thabet is working for Crossover’s client Aurea as a Product Chief Architect. Previously working for a company based in the Philippines, he is now earning over 3x his last salary at Crossover, totaling an additional $70,000 in compensation every year. Thabet talked to us about how Crossover’s model has changed his life. He is experiencing financial freedom for the first time in his life, and is constantly inspired by the quality of his teammates and the challenges he faces every day at work.
Thabet Burias, Product Chief Architect

Has your compensation at Crossover impacted your lifestyle in any meaningful way?

I grew up in a country where debt has become an acceptable norm, and loans and credit are perfectly acceptable ways of getting by to compensate for our low and non-competitive salary rates. This, over the years, has caused me and my family (like a lot of families in my country) to accumulate an almost insurmountable amount of debt, which we could only pay little by little every month.

Since starting with Crossover, I am now closer than ever before to becoming debt-free, and for the first time in my professional career, and probably in my life, I can actually imagine financial freedom in the near future. This new feeling of empowerment and hope that I can finally provide for my family's future with just one job has renewed in me a sense of motivation to perform better and give my best to my team every day, in gratitude.

Tell us about your team. How have your colleagues (teammates, managers, direct reports) helped you grow?

In my previous job, I did not have the level of trust and confidence in my team that I do now at Crossover. My current manager has helped me become better at time-management, task prioritization, work delegation and a better overall team player than I was before. I believe I now have a better understanding of how a team with multiple different elements should work together to accomplish a goal.

Please tell us about a time at Crossover when you successfully completed a seemingly impossible task.

After days and days of meticulous planning and coordination, our team composed of the smartest and brightest talents from SaaS, Support, QA, Engineering and Management was able to create an entirely new process of importing products in a new Serverless platform without a hitch, and with zero impact to customers. It has truly been an epic effort with flawless, to-the-minute execution and coordination.

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