Double Or Triple Your Pay Through Crossover
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Double Or Triple Your Pay Through Crossover

by Andrew Allen, VP of Content Marketing
Double Or Triple Your Pay Through Crossover
  • Silicon Valley Pay Grades + Technology
  • 2020 - The Year The Workforce Changed
  • Supply and Demand of Top Global Talent = Remote Work
  • The Next 5-10 Years
  • What Small Adjustments Are Required For The Remote Work Pay?

How can Crossover lead the way in remote work opportunities and double or triple your pay? Find out why we offer the world's top talent what they're worth, and .

A lot of candidates come across a job advertised by Crossover and think ‘this is way too good to be true! They want to double my pay and I’ll be able to do remote work!” Crossover VP of Content Marketing Andrew Allen certainly did when he saw his role first advertised.

With Crossover, figures don’t lie and we’re big on figures.  Here are some facts: 

  • 25% of recent recruits are earning double compared to what they earned in their last job. 
  • 37% are earning triple what they previously earned… TRIPLE! 

“How can Crossover offer this type of pay increase compared to what I’m currently earning, and I’ll be able to do remote work or work from home”? This is a question we hear being called out from all four corners of the world, so we're here to help you answer some of them.

Silicon Valley Pay Grades + Technology

Since the eighties, Silicon Valley companies have been paying top dollar to attract the best software engineers and other individuals at the top of their game. These “top talents” have been able to double or triple their pay for decades, just by uprooting themselves and their families, and moving to Northern California (then paying the living costs that came with it).

In the last 10 years the technology almost all of us use for work shifted slowly at first, and then shifted very quickly. We now have lighting fast on-premise servers and software in the cloud. These technology changes allowed workers to access their work from anywhere in the world, quickly and effortlessly, which led to the ‘remote work’ and ‘work from home’ revolution.

2020 - The Year The Workforce Changed

2020 saw a certain pandemic really bring about a change in the face of the workforce. For the majority of people, working somewhere other than in a central company office has become normal - whether a work from home arrangement or a true remote work role. People left and continue to leave big cities because they know they can do their job just as well, if not better, from almost anywhere.

The issue is, large companies aren’t seeing this the same way. They were, and still are, telling their most important asset (their people) they need to take a pay cut if they move to another city, and want to perform a remote work role or ‘work from home’ with the same company. The big companies are tying in their best asset’s salary to the cost of living in their new city, not their actual role or output.

If you remember the nineties, an album of music used to cost different amounts in different countries, and release dates of movies could vary by months. This isn’t the case anymore because better technology has brought about greater efficiencies in all of our lives. People in the UK and Australia can access new TV series the same day they are released in the United States. Since technology has improved, these things were forced to change with the associated global demand.

Double or Triple Your Pay Through Crossover

Supply and Demand of Top Global Talent = Remote Work

This is the situation with demand and supply for top global talent. Because barriers of remote work are being solved, employees are understanding their value is based on skills, not location. Forbes even reported “Polls across social media are indicating that employees would actively seek a new job if their pay were reduced due to working remotely. Across almost every poll, the comments section unanimously agrees that employers are paying workers for their skill set and experience, not their geographical location.” Forbes, 28 August 2021^

With companies saying to their best assets they have to reduce their salary to perform their work remotely, of course employees will start looking for a new job. The unfortunate result is global companies will start to lose their best talent over a few thousand dollars. This is while the business is actually saving money on rent, snacks and other office benefits.

The Next 5-10 Years

Over the next five to ten years pay will globalize with the movement of top talent and focus on remote work offerings. Top talent will be offered pay based on their skills, not their location. It's only a matter of time before the balance shifts and the best people in the world are all able to earn top dollar, whether they live in London, Bucharest, Bangalore or Kigali.

Crossover predicted this back in 2014, and every one of our clients has paid their workers a consistent global wage ever since. It's honestly not too good to be true. It's just what the best person in the world is worth, and should earn.

What Small Adjustments Are Required For The Remote Work Pay?

There is a small catch if you want to secure a remote work role with great pay, which is something that Andrew found when he started working for Crossover. It’s important both companies and workers are adaptable and willing to understand and compromise when doing remote work. Working with different cultures, new communication styles (Andrew had never heard of asynchronous communication before he started at Crossover), time zone differences and expectations are all different.

What is normal in one country may seem extremely rude in another, so you may have to adjust your communication style. Then of course, there are different business processes and procedures, all of which you have to get used to, while still delivering in your role.

So, some advice if you’re exploring Crossover and remote work opportunities. If you want to land one of our high paying remote work roles, you will just have to act differently than you did in your last job. But the payoff is definitely worth it.

We hope you have found this article helpful, and has inspired you to begin your own Crossover journey through us. Check out the current openings available here or the FAQs for more information about Crossover. If you have any more questions, make sure to tweet us here. The next in 'How To Crossover' can be found here.

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^ Google Plans To Cut Remote Workers’ Salaries By 25%. Here’s The Impact (

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