How to Hire Great Tech Talent from the CEE Region
Building a Remote Workforce

How to Hire Great Tech Talent from the CEE Region

by Crossover
How to Hire Great Tech Talent from the CEE Region
  • The CEE Advantage
  • Building Your CEE Tech Team
  • Navigating the CEE Landscape

Looking to hire great tech talent from the CEE region? This region has a plethora of tech professionals, often overlooked but ready to impress. Here's your guide to navigating the CEE talent landscape and building a remote tech dream team.

The CEE Advantage

  • Vast Talent Pool: Imagine over 1 million tech experts across countries like Ukraine, The Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary. That's 6% of the global tech force, waiting to be discovered.
  • Hidden Talent: Unlike their Western counterparts, CEE tech professionals may not actively showcase their full potential. Your job? Engage actively and uncover their feast of talents! 

There are so many reasons to hire software developers from Eastern and Central Europe.

Building Your CEE Tech Team

Here's how to build your long term tech team from the CEE region.

Respect Cultural Differences 

Central & Eastern Europe boasts stunning diversity in communication styles and professional norms.

Embrace open-mindedness! 

Research communication styles (direct vs. indirect), non-verbal cues, and humor variations. Respect local formality and hierarchy levels, tailoring your language and decision-making approach.

Learning basic phrases and acknowledging cultural holidays shows respect and builds rapport. By adapting, you unlock a rich collaboration experience with your CEE team.

Go Beyond Resumes

Encourage candidates to showcase their full tech arsenal, not just CV highlights. 

Skills-based tests and CCAT assessments can unlock hidden talent with exceptional problem-solving, reasoning, and critical thinking skills.

These tests find talented people who will do well even without impressive qualifications, so don't overlook hidden gems!

Local Payment Systems 

Avoid payment hiccups by researching and using popular local systems in each country. You could also use a recruitment partner, who will handle payments for you (no mess, no fuss).

Local Communication Channels

Forget generic platforms! Tap into popular CEE channels like Viber, Telegram, and online forums to connect with the right talent.

Competitive Offers 

While cost-effectiveness is attractive, remember that top talent deserves competitive salaries and benefits. Make a compelling offer that is equal or better than what they’re used to being paid.

Outsourcing doesn’t mean cheap labor!

Navigating the CEE Landscape

Here's two tips on how to navigate the hiring landscape in the CEE region.

Language Barriers

Be prepared to navigate language differences or partner with someone who can. 

Prime for example, requires applicants to pass English tests to be listed on the platform. This guarantees that they can work remotely in English.

Remote Trust Building 

Hiring top-notch tech talent from Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) is a smart move for remote teams. But with geographical distance comes the challenge of building trust. 

You’ll need regular check-ins, transparent communication and an asynchronous policy in place.

Success lies not just in identifying talent, but in igniting it.

By embracing cultural differences, tailoring your approach, and fostering open communication, you'll unlock the true potential of your CEE tech team.

Skip the Silicon Valley stampede and forge a winning partnership with these Central and Eastern European devs. 

Together, you'll build a high-quality dream team, and will tap into a vibrant tech landscape brimming with innovation and growth.

Open your mind and watch your remote collaboration reach new heights in the heart of Central & Eastern Europe! Time to hire some exceptional tech talent from the CEE region in 2024.

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