What's The Value Of English?
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What's The Value Of English?

by Andrew Allen, VP of Content Marketing
What's The Value Of English?
  • It Pays To Speak English
  • The Future Language of Remote Work - With AI
  • Want To Apply For A Remote Work Role?

What is the importance of English if you're trying to secure a remote work role through Crossover, plus how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will benefit remote workers in the future.

Do you know the language with the most native speakers in the world? It's not English! Mandarin has the most native speakers globally, and Spanish has the second most native speakers. English is third. So the question is, why is English seen as the de-facto world language? Maybe it's because of Hollywood movies? However despite not having as many native speakers, in most countries it's compulsory for students to learn English.

English has almost a billion non-native speakers, and combined with native speakers, makes it easily the world's most understood language. Plus, as business and the world becomes increasingly more global, being able to understand everybody else without a language barrier is important. In fact, a world bank study published in Forbes in 2010, found that people who can speak English earn up to 34% more than people who don't.

That's a lot of non-native English speakers

It Pays To Speak English

The article in Forbes was titled, "It Pays To Speak English". That's certainly true at Crossover, where people with remote work roles can earn two or three times more than they could earn working in similar local-based jobs (where English may not be a requirement). Obviously as global businesses need to have a consistent language for communication, it's important for most roles to have a certain level of English.

That's why as part of Crossover's application process, we need people to pass an English Proficiency test (here you'll secure your English 'badge'). This badge makes sure you will be confident enough to clearly communicate with your global remote work colleagues, as well as with your manager. Don't worry, English is a second (or third) language for many people in our teams, so everyone is used to this as you can see in our communication styles and techniques.

While some level of English is required for every role through Crossover, it won't be that way forever. Some really cool things with language are happening in the world of AI.

The Future Language of Remote Work - With AI

It's already possible to hold up your phone to a sign written in another language and see a real time translation through augmented reality. It won't be long before the software that powers our emails, chats and conversations will be smart enough to translate in real time. Technology will make the art of translating one language into another so seamless, the thought of doing it manually will seem "quaint" or old fashioned. 

We'll be able to communicate perfectly with anyone in the world without even knowing if we actually have a language in common. We can't wait for that day to come, but until then our remote work model does need everyone to share a common language and English makes the most sense.

Want To Apply For A Remote Work Role? 

If you're thinking of applying for a remote work job through Crossover, don't let the English test stop you. Different roles require different levels of English. Many actually don't need you to be a fluent speaker, you just need to prove you have enough English to do the job. So it pays do the test and see how you go. If you don't pass it, you can spend time refreshing your language skills and take it again in six months.

If you pass it, there's no telling how many doors it will open for you.

Inspired to take the next step in your remote work career through Crossover? See what roles are available now.

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We hope these articles (and Andrew's tips and advice about his experiences with Crossover) have given you the confidence to take the leap and apply for your dream remote job. If we've helped, we'd love to know! Tweet us.

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