Director of Product, Write of Passage (Remote) - $150,000/year USD

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Do you love writing but hate how it’s taught in schools? Are you an energetic speaker who can hold the attention of a virtual audience of teens? If so, join us and launch the brightest high school students into orbit.

We’re looking for outstanding talent to join us in creating the best online writing school in the world.

Write of Passage began in 2019 as an experiment: How do we teach writing for the Internet Age?

In three years, over 1,000 students from all over the world have learned a system for publishing quality ideas, connecting with like-minded people, and elevating their careers through writing on the Internet. Our graduates are using online writing to build audiences, launch businesses, and make an impact—living life on their terms!

This year, we’re launching Write of Passage Liftoff, a program teaching talented high schoolers to build writing systems of their own. We make these promises to our students:

  • They’ll love the program—this isn’t more “school.”
  • They’ll find others who share their passions—making worldwide connections.
  • They’ll 2x their potential—getting out of traffic and into the fast lane.

We’re seeking exceptional people to help us build this exceptional program.

If you want to pioneer 21st-century education, teaching tens of thousands of high school students how to 2x their potential by writing online—read on.

You’ll lead students, ages 14-18, on a vibrant writing journey. The future of education is hands-on, entertaining, and centered around student obsessions.

We’ll provide you with the foundation; you’ll use your passion and creativity to customize and deliver the best learning experience imaginable. Inspire our students to publish their ideas while having the time of their lives (or, at least, a lot of fun). 

If this sounds like your dream job, apply today!

What you will be doing
  • Adapting and translating the Write of Passage Flagship curriculum into the Write of Passage Liftoff curriculum. This isn't dumbing down content but rather making it interesting and relevant to an audience of 14-18-year-old students 
  • Creating all aspects of the Liftoff student experience, including live sessions, lesson content, and course community
  • Overseeing the design, planning, and execution of Liftoff Writing Workshops –– one-hour sessions with video, live exercises, group discussions, and breakout rooms.
  • Hiring, training, and leading the Liftoff Instructors, who will help you run the Writing Workshops, as well as guide and motivate students along their Write of Passage journey.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Creating a curriculum from scratch. You will adapt an existing curriculum to high school students.  
  • Teaching students about grammar and things that they find boring.
  • Creating something then considering it "done." You will continuously iterate on the curriculum, program, and coaching techniques based on student feedback and retrospectives. 
Key Responsibilities

Serving as de-facto "Product CEO" for Write of Passage Liftoff, creating a program that fosters a love of writing, accelerates student potential, and builds connections. You'll have the autonomy to build the best possible program.

Candidate Requirements
  • A compelling and engaging speaker, capable of holding the attention of a virtual audience
  • Able to relate to the interests and culture of North American teens (You’re willing to binge-read Billie Eilish fan fiction, watch MrBeast on repeat, and stay on top of whatever the “kids” are doing these days)
  • Experience writing internet-native content, either personally (blogs, YouTube channel, etc.) or professionally
  • Experience in curriculum design or learning development
  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree in any subject


$150k/year ($75/hour)



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40 hours/week any timezone

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