Sales Director
$200,000 USD/year Pay is set based on global value, not the local market. Most roles = hourly rate x 40 hrs x 50 weeks ($100 USD/hour)

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Have you dominated B2B software sales and found yourself looking for what’s next? It's time to put the phone down and start building the next generation of dominant sales reps.

This role is a far cry from a traditional, outward-facing sales management role. Instead, you will focus on making internal process improvements and raising the standard of our sales team. You will be responsible for the entire team’s performance and spend the majority of your time coaching sales reps to be as high-performing as you.

To be successful in this role, you must have rich experience selling software directly to businesses and a track record of closing deals and crushing your sales quotas. If you did not start out as a lower-level sales rep and then climb the ladder to become a top-performer responsible for landing your company’s biggest prospects, then this role is not for you.

What you will be doing

  • Coaching sales reps and providing expert-level feedback on recorded sales calls
  • Deep diving deficiencies in the sales process and offering detailed insights to improve team performance
  • Writing playbooks and call scripts that can be implemented at scale

What you will NOT be doing

  • Cold calling and chasing leads
  • Closing deals and meeting sales quotas; you’ve graduated from that
  • Resource allocation and managing at a distance; this is a hands-on coaching role

Key responsibilities

  • As a top-performing salesperson, you will be responsible for building a team full of carbon copies of yourself

Candidate requirements

  • At least 5 years of hands-on experience in direct B2B software sales
  • Prior experience as a company’s top-performing salesperson

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Jeremy Swartz
Jeremy  |  SVP of Sales
South Africa  

As a kid, Jeremy was inspired by colossal rugby players at the top of their game—and wondered if he could play at that level. Thanks to Cros...

Meet Jeremy
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Frequently asked questions

About the role

About Crossover

Work examples

Deliverables Include:

  • Coaching Sales Development Representatives and Inside Sales Representatives 
  • Writing Deep Dives with insights in areas of underperformance or over-performance
  • Writing Important Design Decisions to make insights actionable 
  • Creating key sales content 
  • Maintaining a sharp edge by directly engaging in sales discussions with customers 
  • Coaching on customer meetings, relationship building, account strategy, territory strategy, pitching, negotiating

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