VP of Software Engineering, Trilogy (Remote) - $200,000/year USD

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Are you a technical leader who excels at writing code and architecting products? Do you dread taking the next step in your career and falling into more management overhead? If you are looking to grow while avoiding the middle-management trap, we have an exciting opportunity for you. 

Trilogy specializes in buying negative-margin software companies and rebuilding their products using cutting-edge cloud technologies. We believe in leading by doing, and we are looking for seasoned architects with hands-on leadership experience to solve our most challenging software engineering problems.

Forget about managing people or projects all day. This role is about creating software architecture specifications based on detailed product requirements. Our unique operating model with fast release cycles and automated management activities will enable you to live close to the codebase and make technical decisions every week, sharpening your technical skills by improving over 100 B2B software products.

If you are looking for your next challenge, we invite you to join a fast-paced organization responsible for multiple high-quality software releases per week.

What you will be doing
  • Software architecture design. Writing specifications with important technical decisions based on product change requests.
  • Writing code. You will code multiple times per week to develop a deep technical understanding of our products and codebases
  • Deep dives. Analyzing technical problems and making suggestions to improve our software quality.
What you will NOT be doing
  • HR and administrative tasks. We want your technical expertise, and we will not waste your time doing performance reviews, committees, etc. 
  • Overseeing steady-state operations. Our culture is continuous improvement. If it’s bad, fix it. If it’s good, make it better.
Key Responsibilities

Improve our products and development operations by making critical technical decisions. You will propose and implement ideas to simplify the code, improve quality, and scale our growing portfolio of software products.

Candidate Requirements
  • At least 5 years of experience writing code
  • Experience managing teams from multiple engineering functions (developers, designers, product managers, testers, etc.)
  • Ability to make important technical decisions
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