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Traditionally, software architects spend their time reviewing code, writing end-to-end tests, talking to business units, and dancing around company politics to get teams to adopt new technology. But we’re not traditional.

Trilogy’s software architects are laser-focused and spend 100% of their time analyzing architectural designs and making important technical decisions. Our architects make decisions solely on technical correctness and simplicity, as opposed to cost, team expertise, or managerial preference.

Here is your opportunity to work on a different product every week and make technical decisions for 100+ products in our growing portfolio. You will use the latest cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, and GSP to modernize a tech stack of a wide variety of applications. You will translate high-level design patterns into product-specific releases that serve as guardrails for Engineering to follow when building the product. 

While most architects work on one or two products a year, you will expand on dozens of architectural design patterns. Join us to fast-track your career and distinguish yourself in the industry!

What you will be doing
  • Important Technical Decisions (ITDs). Decide how to use and integrate technology, analyze the potential impact of your decision, and then make a case defending your decision.
  • Requirement-Release Mapping. Extract all technical decisions, functional and non-functional, from a higher-level architectural document and map them to relevant releases
What you will NOT be doing
  • Designing the whole architectural solution. Our CTO team defines the building blocks and key technologies to use, while our architects turn that design into actionable release specifications
  • Participating in daily scrum meetings or providing day-to-day direction to an engineering team
  • Performing code reviews, debugging, or investigating outages
Key Responsibilities
  • Ensuring a clear-cut handoff between the Architecture and Engineering teams. You will serve as the single source of truth for Engineering to implement a release outlining all-important architectural design decisions for a set of clearly defined Functional and Non-Functional requirements.
Candidate Requirements
  • At least three years of experience writing production code
  • At least two years of experience leading a development team (i.e., responsible for reviewing code written by others, setting dev standards, etc.)
  • At least one year of experience making important architecture and design decisions on software projects
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