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Are you ready to give your career the long-awaited booster shot that will fast-track your learning by 10X? Have you been yearning to explore the full potential of cutting-edge cloud-native technologies without worrying about costs? Are you passionate about making technical design decisions that shape the product architecture?

This is your opportunity to embark on a unique journey where you will work on a different product every week and make technical decisions for over 100 software products. While most architects work on one or two products a year; in this role, you will learn about, follow, and expand on dozens of architectural design patterns; refining and applying your skills on a daily basis. This is a purely technical role and is a great fit for people who are passionate about architectural designs, put a lot of thought into their technical decisions, and are looking for an avenue to use them/write them down to shape the product architecture and see them come to fruition. You will spend your time making decisions that answer questions such as:

  • What is important to define when using a particular cloud service/technology?
  • What is the simplest way to integrate a set of technologies?
  • What are the key technology limitations that would impact our design and how can we overcome them?
  • How to ensure that important product functionality is preserved when rearchitecting products on the Cloud (AWS/GCP)?

What you will be doing

Each week you will have a different design document to work on and a release specification to create. Each architectural design is usually broken down into 2-4 releases and you might work on all releases for a product or selected releases for different products. You will have the opportunity to learn and work on a wide variety of products with distinct tech stacks and business domains so you will be continuously challenged. In this role, you will be:

  • Expanding on dozens of state-of-the-art architectural design patterns by defining how to use and integrate best-of-breed technologies to deliver robust cloud-native solutions on AWS and GCP.
  • Holding Engineering to high standards by defining the acceptance criteria to measure their deliverables against.

What you will NOT be doing

Designing the whole architectural solution. Our CTO team defines the building blocks/key technologies to use, while our Architects turn that design into actionable release specifications by making important decisions about how to best use/integrate those technologies. This is a technical position that translates high-level design patterns into product-specific releases that serve as guardrails for Engineering to follow when building the product. Therefore, in this role you won’t be:

  • Talking to customers to develop a backlog of features they wish our products had
  • Participating in daily scrum meetings or providing day-to-day direction to an engineering team
  • Making low-level decisions about what coding language to use or choosing frameworks and libraries
  • Performing code reviews, debugging, or investigating bugs and outages
  • Permanently assigned to a single product.

Key Responsibilities

  • Defining Release Technical Requirements by synthesizing architectural design documents into a list of clearly mapped design decisions/requirements
  • Making Important Technical Decisions about how to use/integrate the technology choices defined in a higher-level design document.
  • Producing well-written specifications that document your design decisions and outline technical requirements for a release.
  • Reviewing and Signing off on Engineering deliverables to make sure that your design is well implemented.

Candidate Requirements

  • A university degree including the study of data structures, algorithms, and computing fundamentals.
  • At least 3 years of experience writing Object-oriented production code for a commercial software company.
  • At least 2 years leading a development team, i.e. responsible for reviewing code written by other, setting dev standards
  • At least 1 year of experience making important architecture and design decisions; such as data domain modeling, application of design patterns, and design using third-party components.
  • Some experience designing for cloud computing paradigms (such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform).
  • The ability to simplify complex ideas and communicate them with clear, logical thinking.

Nice to have

  • Experience rebuilding/redesigning existing products on top of entirely new cloud services (for example all the AWS services beyond EC2 and S3).
  • Experience writing technical architecture documents
  • AWS/Azure/GCP Certifications

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