C++ Architect, Engine Yard (Remote) - $100,000/year USD

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EngineYard’s evolution is interwoven with the birth and growth of Rails. For over a decade, EngineYard has been at the forefront of technical innovation, helping the Ruby and Rails community multiply - whether enabling Github to run and scale in its early days or providing thousands of app an easy mechanism for leveraging cloud services.

At EngineYard, we are working towards the next big wave of innovation - ARM processors. The computing world is undergoing a shift towards ARM processors, and EngineYard is at the forefront of bringing ARM-based solutions to the Ruby community. We at EngineYard are on a mission to make deploying and managing applications easier and faster by moving to ARM-based Graviton processors.

As a C/C++ expert who loves hands-on coding, you’ll join a team focused on making the world of open-source libraries ARM compatible. You will contribute to non-ARM compatible open source projects to make them compatible. Your efforts will enable thousands of application developers to leverage ARM-based computing for significantly better performance at a much lower cost. 

What you will be doing

Your end goal is to enable all Engine Yard customers to take advantage of the latest generation of our platform that uses Graviton processors to provide better performance at lower cost and energy consumption. You’ll do this by:

  • Discovering the open-source libraries in use on the platform
  • Creating the Makefile and code changes required to recompile for ARM processors
  • Writing high-quality code and well-crafted PullRequests that make it simple for the open-source community to accept your code changes
  • Publishing new versions of Ruby Gems that Engine Yard customers can configure into their applications

In the process, you’ll also find opportunities to improve the core Engine Yard platform and make code and infrastructure changes that result in a more resilient and performant platform.

What you will NOT be doing

You won’t be wasting your time in meetings or on extraneous processes. Instead, you’ll spend almost all your time engineering and writing code!

Key Responsibilities

You will take on x86-compatible libraries and:

  • Examine complex build scripts to understand architecture dependencies and builds
  • Edit the build scripts to transpile/compile ARM-compatible versions of the library
  • Run tests
  • Create a pull request as per submission guidelines of the project
  • Communicate with the owners of the open-source projects as needed to help get the pull request merged

Candidate Requirements

  • At least 5 years of systems-programming experience (e.g., experience with transpilation, Kernel level programming, driver development, compilers, low-level C/C++ development)
  • Expert level C/C++ coding skills
  • Proven problem-solving ability
  • Advanced spoken English proficiency

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