Paid Search Analyst, Aurea Software (Remote) - $60,000/year USD

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Our team is building a world-class customer acquisition model to scale across a wildly diverse and ever-growing portfolio of software companies within our portfolio. We are literally rewriting the traditional playbook and building sophisticated marketing models that deliver new revenue growth at levels of efficiencies better than the best-performing SaaS companies out there today. Not just once but dozens of times.

To scale and deliver world-class results, we are looking for a paid-search analyst to join our team and play an integral role in building and scaling our customer acquisition models that include ABM, Product-Led Growth, and Inbound Marketing. If you want to accelerate your knowledge and expertise in the area of paid media (search, display) across multiple advertising channels (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube) and partner with sales to deliver on revenue targets, then this is the role for you. Reporting to the VP, Demand Generation, this individual will be responsible for delivering on the goals for multiple software products.

What you will be doing

The Paid Search Analyst performs the daily campaign management of paid media accounts that generate MQL's, SQL's and pipeline to the Sales Team. 

Key Responsibilities
  • Setup and ongoing optimization and management of PPC/Digital Advertising campaigns
  • Daily Account Reviews of campaigns, keywords, audiences, impressions share, ad copy, ad creative, quality score, and other important account metrics.
  • Identify, recommend and implement optimizations to improve account performance
  • Contribute to our internal best practices playbook for each advertising channel
  • Design and build automation to reduce low-value, manual tasks so that you can focus on more strategic issues
  • Remain current on emerging industry trends and changes to the ad platforms
Candidate Requirements
  • At least 1-year experience running an account in Google Ads, Google Display, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube with more than $20k in spend per month
  • Bachelor’s Degree, relevant certificate/training or job experiences that emphasizes analytical skills and problem-solving, Master’s Degree preferred

Nice to have
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • B2B Software Experience
  • CRM Experience
  • Google Analytics experience


$60k/year ($30/hour)



full-time Job

40 hours/week any timezone

Employment Type

Long-term role

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More about this role