Media Analyst

Job ID: 4588


Do you believe you have the expertise to comprehend media information and prepare news briefs that will be used by CxOs to make important business decisions? With the opportunity to work from anywhere and to gain expertise across multiple industries and domains, this is a perfect role for you.

What you will be doing

You will focus on two major tasks throughout your day - creating news briefs per the customer requirement, and processing management turnover. A typical day would require you to work for 6h on creating news briefs and 2h on processing Management Turnover. 

What you will NOT be doing

This role is focused on pulling the content from well-established sources. This means that you won't be creating new content. 

Key Responsibilities

You will be primarily responsible for creating the news briefs that meet the customer requirements. These news briefs are created by curating the content available on the web, using our proprietary software

Candidate Requirements

  • expertise in comprehending media information based on well-defined parameters. This will also include the ability to relate business relevance for customer companies based on the content available. 

Nice to have

  • prior experience of working on Journalism industry. 
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