Senior Software Engineer, (Remote) - $80,000/year USD

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Help us to revolutionize the education industry!

Research shows that students learn best from individualized, interactive instruction. Yet today, kids sit passively in a classroom being lectured to, with a single teacher often managing 25 children or more. The current education system is not tailored to help children learn effectively. We want to change that.

GT School builds the first educational platform for gifted and talented children, driven by cloud services, machine learning and scientific insights. We develop an education metaverse with sophisticated gamification and an adaptive learning environment that engages children from day one and is fun to use. Our goal is to make children score top grades in one-fifth of the classroom time and without the boring exercises.

In this role, you will use your advanced coding skills and software design expertise to deliver quality code according to a high-level specification. In a globally remote team of software experts, you will leverage AWS serverless and other cloud technologies to implement a highly scalable and error-free educational platform. Experience in the gaming industry is appreciated. If you’re looking for a position at the forefront of digital transformation, this is an opportunity for you!

What you will be doing
  • Implement Features: Utilize the full power of AWS to implement simple and easy-to-maintain feature updates.
  • Code Review: Reviewing pull requests from your team members to ensure that all code changes comply with our high quality standards.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Solve the toughest bugs by diving deep to find the true root cause and designing a permanent fix.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Temporary hacks: We care for the best design to implement lasting changes.
  • Fixing bugs in overtime to catch the release date: With extensive automated testing and qualified code reviews, we deliver every Pull Request straight to production.
Key Responsibilities
  • Deliver high-quality code with design level considerations and substantial product impact
  • Review pull requests of your peers to ensure company-wide quality standards
  • Propose permanent fixes to identified bugs or outages based on a root cause analysis
Candidate Requirements
  • 3+ years of coding experience in Java, Typescript, C#, or C++, including 2+ years of software design for a software service or product
  • Ability to understand and pick up new technologies: We are looking for all-time learners who can dive into any tech stack if necessary
  • Ability to work 100% remotely
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$80k/year ($40/hour)



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40 hours/week any timezone

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Long-term role

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