Community Lead, (Remote) - $60,000/year USD

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Are you looking for an entry-level role at an EdTech startup? Do you have a personal connection with the gifted and talented youth community? is a remote afterschool program that unlocks the full potential of gifted and talented students. Our program is built around three core pillars: adaptive learning apps that enable students to accelerate their academic learning, one-on-one life skills coaching, and a supportive community where they can form friendships.

In this role, you will design and implement strategies to engage students in online communities around their interests, which range from robotics to baking. The kids run the community; your role is to engage with them and help facilitate their ideas! You will be an essential team member, building an understanding of our students and what appeals to digital natives. Your insights and ideas on building and nurturing an online community will help students connect with one another and empower them through collaborative learning.

This role allows you to develop and deliver one of the three core pillars of It is a great stepping stone for a career in product marketing, product management, or community management. As an early member of a well-resourced startup, there are ample opportunities to direct your own growth and development with frequent feedback from the founding team.

If you understand gifted students and are excited to build a vibrant online community, apply today!

What you will be doing
  • Generating ideas and insights that will grab the attention of students
  • Creating and hosting online events, contests, and content in the community
  • Measuring user engagement within the community
What you will NOT be doing
  • Recruiting or training a team of moderators, influencers, or content creators
  • Managing the community 
  • Developing ideas without talking to students
Key Responsibilities

Promote user engagement in an online community where gifted & talented kids can connect with like-minded people.

Candidate Requirements
  • Ability to relate to the interests & culture of North American teens (11-18 yr olds)
  • Deep understanding of the unique needs of gifted & talented youth
  • A desire to get in at the ground floor of a growing startup
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$60k/year ($30/hour)



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40 hours/week any timezone

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Long-term role

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