Senior Product Manager
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Senior Product Manager $200,000USD/year ($100 USD/hour)


Drive the AI-powered learning revolution at 2 Hour Learning - where student success hinges on your ability to engage, empathize, and innovate.

At 2 Hour Learning, we're on a mission to flip the script on traditional education. Our academic ecosystem, powered by cutting-edge AI and learning science, is already enabling students to shatter learning goals in a fraction of the time. But we're just getting started.

You'll be the catalyst that takes our AI-driven products to new heights of engagement and efficacy. This role is for educational visionaries ready to roll up their sleeves and get into the trenches with students and staff. You'll engage with users constantly, gathering raw insights to inform each product iteration. No hiding behind focus groups or third-party reports - you'll build trust and rapport directly with the students whose lives your products will transform.

But gathering intel is just the start. You'll feed those insights into a non-stop cycle of AI-powered innovation. From generating new features with ChatGPT to automating marketing tasks to maintaining a comprehensive knowledge base, you'll wield AI as your copilot to bring products to life at light speed. 

You'll also flex your leadership chops, guiding outsourced dev teams to execute on your vision and quality standards. It's full ownership, full accountability, and full potential to make a seismic impact on education. If you're ready to shape the future of learning, one user insight and AI breakthrough at a time, this is the place for you.

For more information on 2 Hour Learning, visit our website [] and the Future of Education Instagram page []. To see a school built around 2 Hour Learning, check out Alpha [].

What you will be doing

  • Engaging directly with students and staff to gather raw feedback and transform it into actionable product enhancements
  • Harnessing generative AI tools to rapidly ideate, prototype, and market new product concepts 
  • Taking full ownership of the product lifecycle from ideation through launch and iteration, with a relentless focus on student success
  • Collaborating with outsourced dev teams to execute on product roadmap and maintain sky-high quality standards
  • Immersing yourself in learning science and emerging AI tech to fuel a constant cycle of product innovation

What you will NOT be doing

  • Treating product management as a purely theoretical exercise - you'll be in constant contact with actual students and users
  • Waiting for lengthy research cycles to guide product decisions - you'll gather insights directly and leverage AI to move fast
  • Passing the buck on product quality or timeline - you'll have full ownership and accountability for outcomes
  • Resting on your laurels or settling for incremental improvements - the mandate is to push boundaries and aim for 10x gains

Key responsibilities

Deliver AI-powered educational products and experiences that demonstrably drive unprecedented student engagement, efficacy, and delight.

Candidate requirements

  • At least 5 years of product management experience
  • Proficiency in leveraging AI tools for key product management tasks, including content creation, user interface optimization, and workflow automation
  • Proven ability to gather detailed user feedback through interviews and other methods, analyze data to identify trends and pain points, and translate insights into actionable product improvements
  • Demonstrated success managing development teams, ensuring their work aligns with product vision and meets rigorous quality standards
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with a track record of using data to drive product decisions and measurably enhance user satisfaction
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to provide precise, actionable feedback to cross-functional teams and maintain regular, consistent communication with all stakeholders

Meet a successful candidate

Watch Interview
Badri Varadarajan
Badri  |  EVP of Technical Product Management
United States  

I get to be CTO of 150 different products. I can measure my impact and it is much higher here than it would be anywhere else in Silicon Vall...

Meet Badri
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