Budapest, Hungary |  SVP of Finance, Trilogy, Crossover

Attila Beko

Attila B joined Trilogy as a VP of Finance on August 1st, 2018 but within two months he was rapidly promoted to SVP of Finance. “Everything here is based on performance. If you deliver, you’ll get more opportunities and responsibilities. I joined for the operating model and the change I was hoping it would bring into my personal life. I hope to speak of this being my dream job a year, or even 10 years from now. And after just two months, my managers recognized my performance by granting me a promotion, which I am very happy about.”
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Attila lives in Budapest but has worked for multinational companies like Viacom, Morgan Stanley, and Sony.  Despite this impressive portfolio of experiences, he has found more satisfaction, drive, and purpose at Trilogy.  We talked to Attila about how Trilogy’s operating model impacts his management style, productivity, and goals… and how all of those changes are contributing to many positive changes in his professional and personal life.

You have clearly advanced at an incredible pace during your time at Trilogy. What has been your biggest takeaway from these first 3 months?

In a lot of companies I’ve worked in, politics is big, and location matters. People will often build careers focusing on a position or role they desire and often lose sight of team needs, company values and sometimes even family and friends. At the same time, others who focus on performance just never get there (even if they have the skills and they have the deliverables), just because they don’t get enough exposure to decision-makers or play the politics that well. But at Trilogy it’s really about the performance.  In Finance, we strive to capture the work we do in an objective manner, and we try to tie everything back to business value. When I finish the week I know I delivered value, and that’s fulfilling.

What changes have you observed in yourself since starting to work for Trilogy?

I don’t think I’ve ever worked this intensely before, partly because I’m intentionally going into what we call “Deep Work” and keeping my focus up and turning things around quickly. I’m really keen on having a business value in everything that I do.

Working at Trilogy is very different from working in other multinational company environments that I have worked in before. Our goals are much more specific, much more agile, and even though the focus is always long-term, the short-term focus is something I never experienced before to such an extent. This is great because ultimately these are the building blocks of our future.

Tell us more about the people and culture at Trilogy

Some people in other companies do not mind commuting or really want to work in an office where they can mingle with their co-workers. Also, not everyone is always as eager to push the success of the company forward because for them, work is “just work.”  Here people are inspired and motivated by doing work they may not have the chance to do in their city and country of residence. Also, there are those - and I would say many people at Trilogy are like this - who feel that doing their work is also their way to contribute to the world becoming a better place. Now that may seem very far-fetched and maybe it is… but if I think about the mission of Trilogy, which is to allow people all around the world to have access to high-skilled jobs and earn the same irrespective of where they are located, I think that’s a really strong mission that I can relate to.  And I think that’s a very fair mission that helps move the world forward and become better balanced.

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