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Howard A.

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Howard A., Portfolio CTO

Hi. I’m Howard and I started working as a Portfolio CTO nearly a year ago.  Prior to this job, I spent nearly two decades at a very large software company in a variety of senior technical roles - both as a manager and individual contributor. In addition to better pay, fewer and more flexible hours, and 10x fewer meetings, one of the best things about this role is the ability to make good technical decisions that aren’t weighed down by a bunch of legacy baggage.

In my previous job, when making architecture decisions I’d often need to take into account a never-ending list of non-functional requirements that prevented me from building simple and technically superior products.  For example, I’d often be told that a product “must run on-prem as well as on any cloud vendor”.  This backward thinking resulted in overly complex products that couldn’t take advantage of the latest innovations on AWS or GCP.  It also meant they took an order of magnitude longer to get to market and the results couldn’t keep up with more nimble competitors. 

Instead, at DevFactory we value simple technical solutions that take full advantage of cloud services. I have the freedom to make the best technical decisions without getting bogged down with legacy requirements that no longer make sense in today’s world. Not only does this result in better products, but I get to leverage the very latest technologies and approaches on a daily basis.

If you’re a seasoned technical leader looking to throw away old thinking and stay current with new technologies, I highly recommend applying for one of our open CTO roles.

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