India |  L2 Customer Support Engineer

Jaideep Grewal

When Jaideep joined Crossover three years ago, his compensation tripled compared to his previous job. Since then, he has received another promotion that doubled his original compensation. Jaideep’s Crossover compensation has given him “peace of mind and financial stability,” and it has allowed him to send his daughter to the best private school in the country. He continues to grow professionally, thanks to the online learning platforms Crossover provides and the diverse portfolio of products and technologies he supports. Jaideep told us more about the professional opportunities he has received at Crossover and the material impact his increased compensation has had on his family’s lifestyle.
Jaideep Grewal, L2 Customer Support Engineer

In what ways have you grown professionally during your time at Crossover?

Crossover has given me immense opportunities to grow professionally. Because Crossover’s clients support a diverse portfolio of products, I have gotten to work with many different technologies and tools, from an email archive and business continuity product suite, to spam filtering solutions, to CRM platforms. Over the past 3 years, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In previous companies, my roles often became monotonous because I found myself supporting the same kinds of products for many years. But at Crossover, our clients are constantly acquiring other companies and therefore expanding our product base. This has opened doors to explore and enhance my skills.

Crossover also provides free access to learning platforms like Confluence, Agent University, and Treehouse, which is a third-party online learning portal. The virtual learning environment and the ease of access to interactive learning material make it easy to develop new skills.

Has your compensation at Crossover impacted your lifestyle in any meaningful way?

Yes, it definitely has. My compensation almost tripled when I joined Crossover three years ago, and since then I have received another 2x increase in my compensation. I do not believe this would have been possible in any other job. Unlike other companies, Crossover presents clear career paths that allow us to know exactly how to attain more senior roles.

A few months after I joined Crossover, my wife and I learned that we were expecting a daughter. Crossover's compensation package ensured that I could give my wife the best medical care possible, pre- and post-pregnancy.

I take immense pride in ensuring that my family has the very best lifestyle possible. The weekly payments in USD have given me peace of mind and financial stability. In about 6 months, my daughter will start studying at one of the best private schools in India, thanks to the financial benefits of me being a Crossover contractor.

Overall, my life and responsibilities as a son, husband and father have become much easier to fulfil due to the monetary benefits Crossover is providing.

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