Kelowna, Canada |  SVP of Software Engineering and Operations, Trilogy

Ryan Faith

Thanks to Crossover, Ryan is able to spend more time with family during waking hours by arranging his remote work day to suit him. Find out how he finds remote work with Trilogy and the Trilogy mantras.
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So, you knew about remote work even before you worked for Trilogy?

I used to work for the largest EMR in Canada, but early on in COVID we decided that it didn’t matter where people worked. In fact, we used the fact that COVID hit to say to the rest of the company who were more worried about it than we were, you know, “I don't care where you work. I care that you deliver.”

Ryan explains his background

How does Trilogy differ with remote work?

I learnt a lot of things about Trilogy being the new wave of remote work and approaching problems differently and doing things 24 by seven, but working 40 hours a week. We are different. You won't understand until you come in.

But that's part of the challenge and part of the draw, right? I like good challenges. Trilogy's mode is non-standard and I'm not seeing anything else like this anywhere else, but it is a good mix of lean where you're looking at just-in-time you want to reduce waste.

The whole mantra here is how do we look at any given system and reduce waste. So, meetings while good, and you get the right answers, are wasteful.

A Trilogy mantra sounds interesting?!

Yes. The other thing that's really interesting is there also another Trilogy mantra of, “get it done, and get it done quick”. So the pace at Trilogy is something else altogether. It is like, “Hey, this is a problem. Let's talk about it this week.” These people get together, solve it by Friday, implemented by Monday. Now that's a pace that I've never seen anywhere else, and they actually do it.

I do know it's possible. Cause one of the things that I have experience with is a remote team, so it made a lot of sense. It is just down to how you layer in how you break things down, how you perceive the problem.

I think that you need to be a certain type of person to work here. You have to enjoy a certain amount of energy. You have to enjoy a certain amount of treasure.

Ryan getting involved in the recent Trilogy conference

How does remote work benefit you?

I don't do the typical eight hours, like most people, because I've got family and I prioritize it that way. So I do four hours very early in the morning, and then I have a good two hour block with family when everyone's still fresh. After that I go back into my office for another four hours.

I come out and feel like when I do eight hours, I've done eight hours. It's like going to the gym, you didn't just stroll on the treadmill, you ran the treadmill. You feel like you've really put in a good amount of work and then you shut off, and you're like “that was a good day as well, and tomorrow will be great again”.

Ryan finishing up at the Trilogy conference

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