7 Unconventional Remote Work Podcasts That Deserve Your Attention
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7 Unconventional Remote Work Podcasts That Deserve Your Attention

by Murray Brennan Elphick, Writer
7 Unconventional Remote Work Podcasts That Deserve Your Attention
  • 1. The Unexpected Journey with Anne Bibb
  • 2. Remotely Serious with Curtis Duggan
  • 3. Untangled Vines with Zach Wright
  • 4. My Latin Life with Vance
  • 5. Digital Nomad Life Podcast with Christa Romano
  • 6. Remotely Cultured with Jeanna Barrett
  • 7. The Collaboration Superpowers Podcast with Lizette Sutherland
  • Start Redefining Remote

Tired of the same old remote work tips? Get ready to ditch the snoozefest and supercharge your remote work life with these 7 unconventional remote work podcasts. Say hello to rockstar interviews, actionable advice, and inspiring stories to help you design a work life you love.

Remote work is exploding. 

According to The Flex Index, a whopping 69% of companies offer flexible work options in 2024. 

And guess what? 

Most remote-capable workers (like, 90%) are totally down with ditching the office grind (at least some of the time).

But navigating the remote world can be tricky. That's where podcasts come in!

These 7 unconventional remote work podcasts are your secret weapon. They're like a remote work bootcamp led by experts who've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. 

Get ready for practical tips and a ton of insight to make your remote work life the best it can be.

1. The Unexpected Journey with Anne Bibb

Remote Life: From CEOs to Everyday Heroes

Anne's a pro at creating winning remote strategies for businesses across the globe. Literally in over 30 countries... 

Her podcast, The Unexpected Journey, features interviews with incredible people who've built flexible careers. 

You'll hear from CEOs and everyday folks, all sharing how remote work has transformed their lives.

Why it's different: 

This podcast focuses on unique career paths and how embracing flexibility can help you grow. Anne weaves these personal stories with practical tips, making each episode full of real-world insights.

  • Learn to embrace flexibility and get advice from real people who are crushing it remotely. 
  • Discover how focusing on flexibility can benefit both workers and customers.

2. Remotely Serious with Curtis Duggan

Build a Future Work Blueprint

Curtis is your guide to the world of remote work, future workplaces and creating a life you actually love. 

Remotely Serious features expert interviews that challenge the norm with actionable advice on making remote-work work for you.

Why it's different: 

Curtis mixes serious discussions with humor, making Remotely Serious both actionable and entertaining. He'll help you see the bigger picture and craft a life that lets you be productive and free.

  • Grasp the broader impact of remote work on work-life balance. 
  • Explore the future of global work culture, while designing a remote lifestyle that balances productivity and freedom.

3. Untangled Vines with Zach Wright

Breaking Free of the Traditional Office

Zach, the brain behind Grapevine (a company redefining work using innovative virtual offices), knows his stuff. 

His podcast, Untangled Vines, is all about creating a future of work that's happy, flexible, productive, and transparent. Zach interviews industry leaders who are breaking the mold and showing us a better way to work.

Why it's different:

Untangled Vines pushes the boundaries of traditional work, showing you how to create a fulfilling and flexible work environment. Zach offers a roadmap for the future through tools and practices that support remote work.

  • Rethink work rules and shape a flexible and productive environment. 
  • Leverage virtual office tools to stay connected and grow as a remote team.

4. My Latin Life with Vance

Latin Vibes and Remote Lives

Vance, the host of My Latin Life, takes listeners on a journey through the vibrant world of Latin America. 

This podcast is perfect for expats, nomads, and anyone looking to embrace the Latin lifestyle while they work remotely.

Why it's different: 

Vance's podcast zeroes in on life in Latin America. 

He shares unique cultural insights and experiences rarely covered elsewhere. Learn the ropes of remote work in stunning South America from people who have actually done it.

  • Explore the intersection of remote work and lifestyle in Latin America. 
  • Hear from experienced professionals who've made Latin America their remote work haven.

5. Digital Nomad Life Podcast with Christa Romano

The Nomad's Playbook

Seasoned pro, Christa Romano, offers boots-on-the-ground guidance in the Digital Nomad Life Podcast. This podcast is great for those looking to shed the boring office life and embrace the nomad lifestyle.

Why it's different: 

Christa is living a full-time digital nomad life. Having successfully worked from more than 60 countries in 10 years, she lives the advice she preaches.

While the digital nomad lifestyle might not be for everyone (looking at you, deep work warriors), Christa's real-world tips are helpful for anyone wanting to inject some adventure into their remote work life. 

Even if it's just until they head back to the comfort and hardcore focus of their home office.

  • Learn actionable steps to ditch the 9-to-5 and launch a successful online career. 
  • Gain ultimate location freedom and the know-how to smash life as a digital nomad.

6. Remotely Cultured with Jeanna Barrett

Crafting a Remote Culture

In Remotely Cultured, Jeanna Barrett dives into the world of "work from anywhere". 

She chats with tech leaders, gurus, and remote whizzes, exploring the latest and greatest in working with remote teams.

Why it's different: 

Remotely Cultured focuses on the unique culture of remote workers. Jeanna's chats with industry leaders offer fresh, real-world experiences on managing and growing happy and productive remote teams.

  • Learn how to build a thriving remote work culture within the tech industry.
  • Gain insights into remote work cultures, cutting-edge marketing trends, and product-led growth strategies.

7. The Collaboration Superpowers Podcast with Lizette Sutherland

Working Through Remote Collaboration

Struggling to collaborate remotely? Lizette Sutherland is here to help!

Lizette packs The Collaboration Superpowers Podcast full of actionable tips and real-life stories from remote work veterans. 

She’s a trusted guide for mastering remote collaboration and her enthusiasm is contagious. You won't want to press pause on this one.

Why it's different: 

This long-running podcast is an endless spring of practical tips and proven strategies for successful remote collaboration. 

Lizette shares insights on everything from building and leading a remote team, to making online meetings suck less.

  • Practical strategies for remote leaders and navigating remote collaboration.
  • Tips from remote work veterans who know what they're doing.

Start Redefining Remote

Ditch the ordinary and greet the extraordinary! These unique remote work podcasts are loaded with practical advice and inspiring stories to craft a remote life you’ll love to live. 

Don't wait any longer - jump in and start transforming your approach to remote work today.

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