Becoming a Remote-First Technical Hiring Manager
Building a Remote Workforce

Becoming a Remote-First Technical Hiring Manager

by Crossover
Becoming a Remote-First Technical Hiring Manager
  • 1. Master the Technical Hiring Manager Mindset
  • 2. Sharpen Your Tech Edge
  • 3. Ace the Remote Interview
  • 4. Make Candidates Swoon
  • 5. Be a Data-Driven Decision-Maker
  • 6. Embrace Diversity
  • 7. Be the Hiring Manager Everyone Wants to Work With

So you're eyeing that coveted remote-first Technical Hiring Manager (THM) role? This is your cheat sheet to not just land the job, but crush it! We'll map out the path to becoming a THM in the wild world of remote work.

Salary Scoop: THM salaries are juicy, ranging from around $83k to a tidy $192k depending on your experience, location, and who's paying the bills. Senior THMs can grab an average of $135k, so the potential is high!

Remote Revolution: With everyone working from home more often, THMs are like talent detectives, sniffing out the best tech talent – all virtually! This means you need to master remote interviewing, assess self-starters like a pro, and build killer virtual teams.

Now, let's get down to business:

1. Master the Technical Hiring Manager Mindset

2. Sharpen Your Tech Edge

  • Tech trendsetter: New frameworks popping up every week? Stay ahead of the curve! Devour tech blogs, join online communities, and become a walking tech encyclopedia. Best thing you can do is post on LinkedIn, often. That's where other technical recruiters are.
  • Network ninja: Connect with tech talent online and offline. LinkedIn, X, meetups – be everywhere.

3. Ace the Remote Interview

  • Video conferencing pro: Master platforms like Zoom, Teams and Google Meet. Lighting, sound, body language – nail it all. And fix that ugly background in your Zoom window (nobody is inspired by a blank wall).
  • Bias slayer: Remote interviews can be blind spots for bias. Pre-test candidates and learn to recognize the gems to eliminate bias for a fair and inclusive process.

4. Make Candidates Swoon

  • Streamline the process: Respect their time with a smooth, efficient hiring journey. No application black holes here! Our advice is to begin with a quick 15-minute CCAT test. If they don’t pass, they’ve only spent a few minutes applying.
  • Feedback fiend: Give feedback, where you can. It's how candidates grow (and you build a good reputation).

5. Be a Data-Driven Decision-Maker

  • Metrics master: Track time-to-hire, quality of hire, and other key metrics to make smart hiring decisions.
  • Trend detective: Stay on top of remote recruitment trends. Remote work is here to stay, so adapt your game accordingly, especially in this AI boom. If there’s an AI tool that accelerates your process, use it.

6. Embrace Diversity

  • Inclusion champion: Build diverse teams – they're the engines of innovation! Think beyond the usual suspects and actively seek out good fit talent from all backgrounds.
  • Training time: Educate yourself and your team on inclusive hiring practices. DEI never been a priority? Not on your watch.

7. Be the Hiring Manager Everyone Wants to Work With

  • Culture connoisseur: Build a remote culture that works. Think flexibility, communication, and a healthy dose of fun (virtual team pizza parties, anyone?).
  • Social media magnet: Showcase your innovative company culture and values on LinkedIn, Instagram, and beyond. Attract top talent like moths to a flame.

Being a THM in the remote age is about more than just ticking boxes. It's about blending tech chops, communication magic, and a forward-thinking mindset.

Embrace these strategies, and you'll be well on your way to slaying the Technical Hiring Manager role and building remote teams that crush their goals. 

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