Job Search Best Practices In 2022
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Job Search Best Practices In 2022

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Job Search Best Practices In 2022
  • Job Search Best Practices in 2022
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If you're looking to nail your dream job in 2022, things probably have changed from when you last applied for a role. Here are some tips to help you navigate the job search process and get the job you really want.

If you’re searching for a job in 2022, a lot has changed. 

There are more jobs available than people that are unemployed. The Great Resignation is a real thing, with an unprecedented number of workers continuing to quit their jobs or look for new ones.

Globally, nearly 70% of companies say they are having trouble filling jobs, according to a survey of more than 45,000 employers in more than 40 countries. Remote work, flexible schedule, free college tuitions, higher wages, unlimited paid time off, and offering sign-on and retention bonuses are becoming more common to attract and retain workers.

With 93% of employers saying they have jobs to fill in 2022, strong candidates are in a much better negotiating position than they’ve been in decades. Some candidates are getting multiple offers with higher salaries and better benefits. For the first time in years, job seekers have an advantage.

Job Search Best Practices in 2022

Learn how to potentially nail your dream job with these tips for today's job market.

Know Your Non-Negotiables

Before you get serious about a job search, do some soul searching and figure out what you really want. This should include the list of non-negotiables. For some people, this may mean only targeting opportunities that offer remote work or flexible work hours. For others, it might be a particular job title, responsibility, or salary range.

It’s OK if you’re flexible, but no what’s a deal-breaker to avoid wasting time with jobs that won’t fit your needs.

Know Your Value

You should know your value. Do some research on what positions are paying taking into account the job duties, where you’ll be working, experience, and education. Be realistic about your goals, but you certainly don’t want to sell yourself short.

Since salaries are in flux these days, you’ll need to find current information, and don’t be afraid to ask. Even if you do get an offer, negotiate, especially if it’s lower than what you think is appropriate. Even if the salary may or may not be flexible, other benefits or incentives may be negotiable.

Apply Early

Recruiters and companies really are desperate to fill positions. You can increase your odds by applying early in the process. In the old days, companies would let resumes pile up and then review them in large batches. Today, they’re more likely to scan applicants as quickly as possible to fill open seats.

The sooner you apply, the less competition there may be for a spot.

Optimize Your Resume

It’s always important when searching for a job to make sure your resume is up to date. This includes not just your most recent employer but also tapping into how employers are hiring. If you’re applying for a job that uses an applicant tracking system (ATS), for example, you need to make sure you’re highlighting the right skills, qualifications, and keywords in your resume to get noticed.

Remote Work Job Search 

When you are looking specifically for remote work, there are some other tips you can use to increase your chances of getting the remote job you want.

Highlight Your Remote Experience (If Possible)

If you have previous experience working remotely, make sure you reference it along with your accomplishments. Employers may prefer those with remote experience.

Be Selective

When you’re applying online for remote positions, it’s easy just to fill out a form and apply for anything. Don’t waste your time. If it’s not a job you really want, you can’t afford to spend the time to apply and interview for the position.

Be selective and apply for the job you want.

Don't Quit During The Application Process

A lot of organizations require candidates to do a number of tests as part of their application process, for example Cognitive Aptitude Testing or practical work assessments. Don't stress about these and definitely don't quit the application process if you're unsure about them. These tests offer candidates a great opportunity to really showcase your skills and show you've got what the company really needs.

Leverage Relationships

Relationships are still important. Make sure you leverage your real-world network and your online connections. If there’s a job you want or a company you want to work for, find common connections online and see if you can get an online introduction.

Manage Your Online Presence

When applying for remote work, employers are even more likely to search online as part of their due diligence, especially if they are unable to meet with you in person. You’ll want to make sure you have a professional online presence.

Narrow Your Search

If you want remote work, narrow your search to companies that are hiring permanent, remote workers. For example, Crossover offers only full-time, high-paying remote jobs at top companies. Rather than be adrift in the remote work ocean not knowing where to search,  company that focuses exclusively on remote positions.

Find Permanent, Remote Jobs Available

If you’re looking for permanent remote work right now, there are plenty of opportunities. Use these best practices and job-hunting tips and get the remote job you really want.

See full-time, permanent remote jobs available right now through Crossover.

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