Senior Software Engineer, Trilogy (Remote) - $100,000/year USD

Job ID: 3888


Are you looking to harness your development skills to learn new technologies and take up exciting new challenges? If you want to be an impactful contributor to The Cloud Revolution, now is your time to join forces with our innovative software engineering team.

At Trilogy, we believe learning and implementing the newest technologies is the cornerstone of software development. With this mindset, we are able to rewrite legacy enterprise-scale software within 5k lines of code and move them to web-scale; we brought 38 fully cloud-based products to Mobile World Congress 2021 and demoed them on the biggest stage of the industry! 

As the backbone of our engineering organization, the scope of your technical responsibilities will span from your favorite tech stack to the latest serverless technology (which you can learn together with the team!) that the product is making use of. 

If you are motivated by the thought of growing together with us in this cloud revolution, we would love to hear from you. 

What you will be doing

  • Pull Request: Building directly on top of AWS, utilizing the full power and range of the platform to generate simple solutions that are easy to maintain
  • Code Review: Reviewing Pull Requests from your team members to ensure that all code changes reflect your super-high quality standards
  • Root Cause Analysis: Cracking the code on the toughest bugs by diving deep to find the true root cause and identifying permanent fixes based on your analysis

What you will NOT be doing

  • Putting in temporary hacks: In this role, you will be the authority on code quality. Anything that doesn’t meet your quality standards is a no-go.
  • Worrying about merging large chunks of code before a major release: Our automation makes sure that your release time is measured in seconds, not weeks.

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver high quality code with design level considerations and substantial product impact
  • Propose permanent fixes to product outages based on root cause analysis

Candidate Requirements

  • 4+ years of coding or software architecture experience in Java, JavaScript, C#, or C++ for a software service or product
  • Ability to understand and pick up new technologies: We are not looking for expertise in any specific technology, rather your willingness to learn them
  • Ability to work 100% remotely
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