Senior Software Engineer

Job ID: 3888


What happened to the software industry? So many companies chase feature requests, always reacting, and end up creating bad, bloated software. They have forgotten what’s at the heart of the software business: 

We have not forgotten. We are a software company, and software quality comes first. We literally won’t ship a new feature until we believe that the codebase is high quality. Simple, maintainable, best-practice code. That’s our top priority. 

Does that sound like something you believe in? Wave goodbye to your bureaucratic CTO and nagging scrum master, and join our 100% remote, 100% no-nonsense software engineering team! 

In this role, you will be the final authority on code quality. Approving or rejecting pull requests is fully under your control, and nobody has the right to overrule your decisions. You will be the one safeguarding our customers from low-quality software, and the one digging deep to investigate the root cause of every product service outage.

What you will be doing

  • Reviewing code to determine whether it meets our quality standards and delivers the intended functionality
  • Investigating the technical root cause of software outages and proposing permanent fixes

What you will NOT be doing

  • Administrative complications - project plans, processes, budgets, and endless reporting
  • HR struggles - people management, coaching, hiring, or performance reviews
  • Meetings and committees - boring discussions and useless meetings  with large groups

Key Responsibilities

  • The final decision to approve or reject pending pull requests
  • Root cause analysis for every product service outage that takes customers offline

Candidate Requirements

  • A degree in computer science or the commercial equivalent
  • Excellent coding skills - you should be the best coder on the team
  • Approximately 10+ years of post-university experience. Of course, we will consider the specific circumstances, but be aware that this job requires significant real-world experience
  • At least 3 years of experience in software architecture design
  • At least 3 years of experience as software tech lead

Nice to have

  • Experience in a shared-services or centralized environment.
  • Cloud development experience, especially AWS
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