VP of Solutions Marketing

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Do you believe that creating a market/message fit is among the most critical and valuable competencies for growth software companies? Do you thrive on the challenge of understanding different products, markets, competitors and buyers, and using that understanding to create the messaging and positioning insights required to win? Do you aspire someday to build your startup and want to develop world-class skills on how to position and message new technology products? If so, you may find your dream job in this role. Unlike traditional product marketing roles, this isn’t just a content jockey. You would work as a strategic visionary, operating like a founder over the products you are responsible for. We focus on deeply understanding the buyers of our products, not just asking them what they want. We create a competitive positioning for the product that is dripping with secret sauce, not a list of superficial feature differences. And we create messaging that is as clear as it is edgy and inspiring.

What you will be doing

In this role you would work across a wide variety of products, covering a diversity of industries, business problems, and competitive markets. You would seek new ways to apply technology products - individually or in combination - to create the highest business value impact for customers while establishing clear and distinguishable differences from competitive offerings.

Day-to-day, you would:

  • Conduct market research on products and their competitors, talking to both analysts and prospective buyers, and through internal review of software through hands-on use and specification reviews
  • Talk to existing customers and target buyers to understand and develop buyer personas, understand the way products are used, and clarify the business problem they solve
  • Develop business value hypotheses and messaging frameworks for products or combinations of products, and test those with prospective buyers
  • Create the killer product positioning and "pitch message" that describes how Aurea products create value in a manner that no one else can replicate
  • Evangelize your solution message to prospects and customers in meetings, webinars, and at company events

Key Responsibilities

  • Deeply understand high-value business problems companies are seeking to solve and the ideal buyer profile to whom they are meaningful
  • Create compelling value propositions based on one or more Aurea products
  • Develop a distinctive competitive positioning for the product that differentiates it from competitive offerings
  • Distill this value proposition and competitive positioning into a simple, provocative message
  • Evangelize this messaging internally and externally

Candidate Requirements

  • An undergraduate university degree in computer science or a major that demonstrates the ability to understand technology (Engineering, Hard Sciences, Math, Economics)
  • At least 2 years of experience in a customer or product facing role (Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Engineering, Support, Professional Services) for a software company
  • At least 4 years of experience as a strategy consultant advising clients on the market potential and competitive positioning of technology products or businesses
  • Demonstrated reputation as a clear thinker, writer, and speaker, who can distill complex concepts into simple frameworks delivered via compelling messaging

Nice to have

  • A published author, blogger or social media influencer on business strategy and technology
  • Entrepreneurial experience as a founder or as part of a small start-up team
  • MBA from a premier global business school preferred but not required
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