VP Organization Builder

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The traditional hiring process is broken. Today's employers struggle to define work ("What do we actually want this role to do?" and "Who do we want to do it?"). This leads them to surrender their judgment to automated resume screeners, select candidates based on conventional and outdated criteria, and ultimately assign the wrong people to the wrong roles. Interview processes become inefficient and lengthy "beauty pageants" that waste both parties' time and money, and salary information is often kept a secret until the end.

The Org Builder team is bringing an end to this nonsense. Think of us as the Tesla Model S to traditional HR's horse and buggy. We want our candidates to have a smooth ride with rear seat warmers while ensuring that we are recruiting the right people for the right roles (as opposed to indiscriminate, top-of-funnel resume aggregation and the risk of getting kicked by a horse).

If you are motivated by challenging puzzles, enjoy getting your hands dirty with data analysis, and have a flair for creativity, then we are interested in meeting you.

What you will be doing

  • Deep diving into the work done by different teams to become an expert at their work
  • Producing job descriptions and other written content to attract thousands of interested candidates from around the globe
  • Creating pre-hiring assessments that filter thousands down to elite few that can meet the high quality standards you have established for the role

What you will NOT be doing

  • Combing through stacks of resumes
  • Simply following orders and creating PowerPoint slides
  • Anything involving candidates who have already been hired

Candidate Requirements

  • Exceptional writing skills and a nack for engaging readers with edgy content
  • At least 5 years of experience in an analytical capacity
  • A discerning quality bar and the ability to identify distinguishing characteristics of high quality work

Nice to have

  • MBA
  • Working knowledge of SQL
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