16 Questions Technical Hiring Managers Ask in Interviews
Building a Remote Workforce

16 Questions Technical Hiring Managers Ask in Interviews

by Crossover
16 Questions Technical Hiring Managers Ask in Interviews
  • Why Remote Hiring Matters
  • 16 Questions for Surfacing Top Tier Talent

What questions do technical hiring managers ask in interviews? Knowing the right questions is key to finding the hidden tech talent in the applicant pool. This guide dives into 16 essential questions that technical hiring managers swear by, helping you assess both technical chops and remote work savvy.

Why Remote Hiring Matters

The fast answer? Some 93% of employers plan to continue remotely interviewing (and remotely hiring) people. And the tech niche is at the top of the priority list.

Plus, there are 3X more remote jobs now than there were in 2020, and that’s not slowing down anytime soon.

This cheat sheet will help you uncover a candidate's technical depth and remote work compatibility in a crowded and often confusing tech space.

16 Questions for Surfacing Top Tier Talent

1.        Tech Talk: "Tell me about your experience with [specific tool or tech]?" (Gauges proficiency in essential tools)

2.        Lifelong Learner: "How do you stay up-to-date with tech trends?" (Checks commitment to continuous learning)

3.        Problem Solver: "Describe a tech challenge you conquered." (Uncovers problem-solving skills and resilience)

4.        Remote Rockstar: "How do you prioritize tasks when working remotely?" (Evaluates organizational skills and remote adaptability)

5.        Plain English, Please: "Explain [complex concept] to someone who doesn't code." (Tests communication skills and ability to simplify)

6.        Team Player: "Share a project success story you were part of." (Insights into teamwork, leadership, and project management)

7.        Remote Teamwork Pro: "What strategies do you use to collaborate effectively online?" (Assesses familiarity with remote tools and team coordination)

8.        Bug Buster: "How do you approach debugging and troubleshooting?" (Understands methodology and systematic thinking)

9.        Agile All-Star: "What's your experience with Agile or other development methods?" (Checks knowledge of industry-standard practices)

10. Quality Code Crusader: "How do you ensure your code is high-quality and secure?" (Focuses on attention to detail and security awareness)

11. Change Champion: "Tell me about a time you adapted to a big tech update." (Evaluates adaptability and response to change)

12. Urgent vs. Important Master: "How do you balance urgent vs. important tasks?" (Understands prioritization in a dynamic environment)

13. New Skills Ninja: "How do you learn a new programming language or tool?" (Gauges learning strategies and adaptability)

14. Teamwork & Conflict: "Describe your experience working in a team. How do you handle conflicts?" (Insight into teamwork and conflict resolution skills)

15. Pressure Point: "How do you handle tight deadlines and high-pressure situations?" (Assesses stress management and efficiency under pressure)

16. Dream Job Match: "Why are you interested in this remote role and our company?" (Understands motivation and alignment with company values)

A successful interview is a two-way street. 

Use these questions to find the perfect tech talent to power your remote team, and who knows, you might just find your new coding bestie in the process.

These are the most useful questions technical hiring managers ask in interviews in 2024. 

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