Crossover Announces Silicon Valley HQ
Building a Remote Workforce

Crossover Announces Silicon Valley HQ

by Crossover
Crossover Announces Silicon Valley HQ

We're jumping on the return-to-office bandwagon! See the mockup of our new head office, opening April 1, 2023.

Like other trailblazers in the tech community, we've realized that our teams hate the work-life balance of remote work and really want to get back to the rigidity of office life. That's why we're opening a new headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley on April 1, 2023!

We can't wait to see the impact on the quality of our talent pool when we stop hiring the best people in the world, and go back to hiring the best people that live commuting distance from the office. Everyone is really excited about relocating their families, and re-joining the daily commute.

Just kidding... remote work is the future, and we're never going back!

Want to join a team that will never, ever make you return to the office?

GO TO Remote Jobs

For a laugh, check out these other mockups of our super-fake new head office...


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