How to Hire Diverse Talent: Strategies for Inclusivity
Building a Remote Workforce

How to Hire Diverse Talent: Strategies for Inclusivity

by Crossover
How to Hire Diverse Talent: Strategies for Inclusivity
  • Why Diversity Rocks
  • Is Your Team Truly Diverse?
  • Attract the Best, From Everywhere

Want to hire diverse talent but aren’t sure how? Hiring for diversity isn't just a good thing to do, it's a smart business move. Diverse teams are proven to be more creative, innovative, and better at understanding your customers.

This article is your roadmap to building a vibrant, inclusive remote workplace where everyone feels valued and can do their best work every day.

Why Diversity Rocks

  • Boost your brainpower: Studies show diverse teams make 87% better decisions. That's a whole lot of problem-solving firepower!
  • Skills for every challenge: A variety of backgrounds means a wider range of expertise, perfect for tackling complex projects from different angles.
  • Mirror your market: When your company culture reflects your customer base, you'll understand their needs and build stronger relationships.
  • Diverse companies make more money: They have 19% more revenue and 9% higher profit margins on average, says Harvard Business Review.

Is Your Team Truly Diverse?

Before you can build a better hiring process, you must measure diversity in the workplace.

Here's how to assess your team's diversity:

  • Define your diversity: It's more than just race and gender. Think ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, education, and life experiences.
  • Check the numbers: Run regular surveys to gather data on your team's demographics. Compare it to industry standards and see where you stand.
  • Go beyond the stats: Look at educational backgrounds, work experiences, and personal stories. Diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions. But don't believe a degree = capability.
  • Feel the vibes: Surveys on inclusion and belonging can reveal if your team member's truly feel welcome and valued.
  • Track progress: Monitor retention rates and promotion patterns across diverse candidates to ensure equal opportunities. Or just pay everyone a fair and equal rate from day 1. 
  • Listen up: Regularly ask employees for feedback on your diversity and inclusion efforts. They'll point you in the right direction.
  • Lead by example: A diverse leadership team sends a powerful message about your commitment to inclusion.
  • Mind the outside world: How do clients, customers, and partners perceive your team's diversity? Their opinion on your talent pool matters too.

Attract the Best, From Everywhere

Now that you know why and how to measure diversity, let's get to the fun part: hiring!

  • Wordsmith your job descriptions: Drop the jargon and cultural references. Use inclusive language that welcomes everyone.
  • Cast a wider net: Explore job boards and forums focused on underrepresented groups. Partner with diversity-focused organizations and colleges.
  • Fight the bias: Blind hiring removes names and photos from resumes, letting skills and experience shine. Go one step further and delete resumes altogether - skills-based testing is 100% unbias.
  • Level the playing field: Use a consistent set of interview questions for all candidates. This ensures a fair evaluation based on merit.
  • Show, don't tell: A diverse leadership team proves your commitment to inclusion. It attracts talent from all backgrounds.
  • Stay sharp: Keep your hiring team up-to-date on the latest diversity and inclusion best practices.

Building a diverse and inclusive remote team is about unlocking the full potential of your people. By embracing different perspectives and experiences, you'll create a dynamic, innovative workplace where everyone excels. 

Diversity isn't just a number, it's the beating heart of a successful team.

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