Remote Work Comes Out On Top
Building a Remote Workforce

Remote Work Comes Out On Top

by Andrew Allen, VP of Content Marketing
Remote Work Comes Out On Top
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It’s finally happened. Applicants are showing organizations they need to accept the workforce of the future, and move into offering remote work roles.

At Crossover, we always have believed in the power of remote and flexible work. Heck, we’ve been recruiting rockstars for purely remote roles since 2014 - way ahead of the pandemic remote work revolution. It now appears that despite organizations looking to return to in-office or hybrid roles, knowledge workers have spoken. According to LinkedIn, applications for remote work roles finally have surpassed on-site roles despite being just 20% of job adverts!

What LinkedIn Says

In February 2022, job ads for remote opportunities received more than 50% of all applications despite those roles only being less than 20% of all job ads posted^.

Knowledge workers are finally proving what we’ve always known - remote work is the future.

What Does This Mean For Business?

As many businesses continue to move towards requiring workers back onsite, either on a hybrid or full-time basis, candidates are showing overwhelmingly they prefer remote work options. With less quality candidates applying for onsite roles, this places further strain on businesses already impacted by the great resignation and talent shortages.

With so many quality candidates showing they want the option to work remotely, it will put the onus back on business to review their human resource policies surrounding remote work. It doesn’t make good business sense to miss out on potential rock stars purely because they don’t offer a preferred work-mode.

Board The Remote Work Candidate Train

Don’t be left behind on the in-office platform. A lot of organizations have already made the transition to a remote-first or hybrid remote role.  We knew it was coming way back in 2014. Crossover has access to the best global remote work talent available - we only work with the top 1% of candidates who meet our stringent application process. Check out the type of fully- \remote roles we have on offer to give an indication of the quality candidates we recruit.

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^ LinkedIn Methodology

Based on paid LinkedIn job posts in the United States in February 2022. Remote job posts accounted for only 19.4% of all paid job posts, while attracting 50.1% of all applications and 45.1% of all views.

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