Customer Marketing Consultant, Trilogy (Remote) - $60,000/year USD

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Are you a demand gen marketer passionate about the business value of marketing automation and how it can drive revenue success? Are you interested in being the chief marketer for a growing portfolio of enterprise software solutions where your innate curiosity to continually analyze & improve campaigns will uncover high-quality leads from existing customers globally?

You'll love this role if you're looking for a challenging opportunity to flaunt your email marketing expertise in a growing, global software market.

What you will be doing

In this role, you will become a martech maestro building your skills & testing strategies with a powerful martech stack inclusive of digital tools for content development, marketing automation, customer experience, and sales enablement.

A Day in the Life of a Customer Marketing Consultant includes:

  • Programmatic marketing planning that defines the customer journey - integrating vision, Prime, Premier Support, and growth themes - by individual solution to guide email communications delivery into a unified story to the customer.
  • Customer persona development as the basis of aligning content to segmentation and targeting strategy
  • Customize/incorporate digital content (e.g.: emails, blogs, videos, webinars, datasheets, etc.) into specific campaigns to drive engagement, leveraging outside agencies to original asset production
  • Contact Data Management - with the goal of maximizing reach - for defined solutions with ongoing analyses and augmentation
Key Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the role include building, implementing, and analyzing email marketing campaigns that generate MQLs for existing customer growth, specifically:

  • Analyze business goals in relation to product value propositions, and define segmentation and content strategies to deliver most effective messages to the right audiences at the right time;
  • Develop and activate targeted campaigns, leading with email marketing, but extending into a multi-channel model (e.g. website, social/Linkedin, sales enablement/Outreach, NPS, sales/partner engagement, etc.) to maximize reach;
  • Measure what matters (Impact = reach (all existing accounts & defined personas), engagement (email opens/clicks, webinar attendance, survey responses), and insights (offers that engage, and barriers to customer success surfaced.)
Candidate Requirements

In this role, you will be the chief marketer for a growing portfolio of global software solutions responsible for defining and driving demand generation success. Requirements include:

  • Marketing automation expertise, including knowledge of key concepts and recent experience with latest best practices for workflows, triggers, personalization, segmentation, targetting and drip campaigns, Marketing automation certification (Hubspot, Oracle/Eloqua, Adobe/Marketo, Salesforce/Pardot) desired. HubSpot certification preferred.
  • Modern marketing campaign management skills, including message/offer creation, persona development, targeting and segmenting strategies, and database hygiene.
  • Creative agency management experience, to direct vendors to produce marketing assets.
  • English proficiency in business writing to translate and scale solutions marketing and engineering concepts into key messages throughout the campaign lifecycle.
Nice to have

Ideal candidates would have prior experience working for an enterprise software company, with direct responsibility for customer marketing email campaigns.



$60k/year ($30/hour)



full-time Job

40 hours/week any timezone

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