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About Crossover

Crossover is a recruitment platform which specializes in 100% remote jobs. We connect talented professionals from around the globe with companies that are looking to hire the very best. Our 70+ client companies currently employ 4,000+ workers in 130+ countries.

Jobs on Crossover

Crossover specializes in full-time careers. At this time, we do not offer part-time work or freelance/casual positions. In terms of industry, the majority of Crossover’s clients are software businesses. As a result, we typically have a lot of technical positions for software engineers and architects – as well as business functions such as finance and marketing.

About Pay

Crossover’s model is different, and listing the pay for each position is our hallmark. Most companies can’t do this because they don’t want to set the pay until they know who they’re hiring. Different candidates may get different offers – and employees in the same role may be paid wildly different rates. At Crossover, we require all our clients to set a value for every vacant position, and to pay that amount to the best candidate – regardless of where they live or what they’ve been paid in the past. This is inherently fairer because it removes the opportunity for bias. It’s the only way to guarantee equal pay for equal work, always.

About the hiring process

Some day, there will probably be an AI that makes it possible to collaborate effectively without a common language. Until then, all Crossover clients and partners use English as a common language to ensure everyone can understand each other.

Contracting through Crossover

All positions are independent contractors. This is the only way to work with the top people all over the world – regardless of which countries they’re eligible to be employed in. We identify the top talent in the world and then they contract their services to us.

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