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President $400,000USD/year ($200 USD/hour)


Are you passionate about revolutionizing education through cutting-edge AI technology? Join our stealth-stage EdTech startup, where we're not just building another learning platform – we're on a mission to transform the US education system. As a visionary leader of our AI-enabled Learning Management Software (LMS), you'll be at the forefront of this educational revolution.

This is not your typical leadership role. We're seeking an evangelist and visionary who can drive substantial user adoption and shape the future of learning on a global scale. You'll be leveraging generative AI to boost productivity and customer engagement, without the burden of traditional executive responsibilities like day-to-day operations and team management.

What sets this role apart is the laser focus on a single product in the specialized US education space. Your mission will be to drive user adoption in a crowded sector, directly impacting the way students engage with academic content. Your proven experience in selling EdTech products and strong relationships with procurement departments of districts and states will be crucial to your success.

Imagine having the power to transform education for millions of students and teachers across the US. If you're ready to champion this cause, build a strong personal brand, and thrive in a dynamic environment – we want you on our team. Together, let's leverage the power of AI to revolutionize learning!

What you will be doing

  • Developing and implementing a strategic sales plan targeting US education providers.
  • Establishing and managing strategic partnerships with key educational institutions.
  • Driving initiatives to increase user adoption and customer satisfaction.
  • Building and maintaining a personal brand through public speaking, publishing, and thought leadership in the education and AI sectors.

What you will NOT be doing

  • Focusing solely on internal operations and team management.
  • Managing traditional school operations or curriculum development.
  • Engaging in repetitive cold calling or high-pressure sales tactics.

Key responsibilities

Lead the strategic development and execution of initiatives to drive user adoption and sales of AI-enabled LMS in the US education sector.

Candidate requirements

  • At least 10 years of progressive experience in sales or business development roles within the EdTech sector.
  • Proven track record in driving sales growth and market penetration, including building or selling a $100m EdTech product.
  • Strong relationships and credibility with procurement departments of school districts and state education departments.
  • Experience using generative AI tools to achieve quantifiable productivity and/or product improvements.
  • Ability to grow and engage a social media following and influence public perception of the product portfolio.
  • Currently based in the US and willing to travel for public events.

Meet a successful candidate

Watch Interview
Steve Brain
Steve  |  EVP of Technical Product Management
United States  

What happens in tech when you follow the innovation? This outside-of-the-box thinker took unconventional risks all the way to the top. As Tr...

Meet Steve
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