Are You Cut Out for Crossover? Traits We Love That Get You Hired
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Are You Cut Out for Crossover? Traits We Love That Get You Hired

by Crossover
Are You Cut Out for Crossover? Traits We Love That Get You Hired
  • Crossover’s Hiring Culture
  • 1. Flexibility: Adapt or Get Left Behind
  • 2. Asynchronous Communication: The Bridge to Success
  • 3. Learning Growth Mindset: Always Be Growing
  • 4. Data-Driven Decision Making: Follow the Numbers
  • 5. High Standards: Good Enough Isn’t Enough
  • 6. Procedure-Driven: The Backbone of Quality
  • 7. Work at Speed: Keep Up or Get Left Behind

Ever wondered what it takes to get hired on Crossover? We chatted with Heather Lother, VP of Talent & People Operations at Crossover, and got the lowdown on the soft skills Crossover’s clients look for in a top candidate.

We’re not your typical recruitment company.

Our hiring process is as dynamic as technology itself.

After the hard skill tests are done and you’ve passed the pre-interview assessments, these are the personality traits we look for in your structured interview. 

In this article, you'll discover which traits make someone a perfect fit for our clients, and which ones might lead someone to struggle in these fast-paced remote environments.

(It’s worth noting that a few of our clients in the US also hire for on-site roles, so look out for the ‘fully remote’ location label when applying!)

You’ll learn:

  • The key character traits that make someone a rockstar in a remote team
  • Why some people flourish in our asynchronous teams, and others flop
  • The importance of understanding your manager’s style during interviews

Crossover’s Hiring Culture

At Crossover, we connect ambitious talent with ambitious companies that embrace the future of work – global remote, diverse, and innovative.

Our unique hiring process involves rigorous skills testing, cognitive assessments, and detailed interviews to ensure candidates not only meet the technical requirements but also fit the culture and values of our diverse client base.

By focusing on quality and compatibility, we help companies build strong, effective remote teams while offering tech professionals exciting opportunities to work with innovative organizations worldwide.

But let's be clear: we’re not the right fit for everyone.

So, what does it take to fit into our clients' culture?

1. Flexibility: Adapt or Get Left Behind

Flexibility is so much more than a buzzword here, it’s a survival skill.

Our clients operate in fast-paced, dynamic environments where priorities shift quickly. 

If you thrive on routine and predictability, this is not the place for you. But if you can pivot on a dime and adapt to new challenges, you'll feel right at home.

2. Asynchronous Communication: The Bridge to Success

Async communication is the bridge that connects you to team success. 

Our teams and clients excel at written transparency and openness, which means documenting your work becomes second nature. 

If you’re someone who guards their workflow and shies away from sharing knowledge - things won’t be easy for you here. 

But if you’re adept at keeping your team in the loop through frequent updates, clear decision-making processes, collaborative chats and shared documents, you’re poised to excel.

Engage actively, get to know your global teammates personally, and keep those lines of async communication wide open. 

3. Learning & Growth Mindset: Always Be Growing

The remote work world is a constant learning journey. 

At Crossover, we look for people who are proactive and curious, always learning new knowledge and skills.

If you take ownership of your growth, actively seek out resources, and don’t let roadblocks stop you, you’re exactly who we’re looking for.

Stagnation isn’t an option here - we want champions of continuous learning.

Hear directly from people hired through Crossover here. 

4. Data-Driven Decision Making: Follow the Numbers

Intuition is great, but data rules the roost.

Our clients make decisions based on solid data, not gut feelings. 

If you’re someone who digs deep into analytics, uses data to back your decisions, and lets the numbers guide you, you’ll be in great company.

On the flip side, if you rely more on hunches and less on hard facts, you’ll struggle to keep up with our incremental improvement goals.

5. High Standards: Good Enough Isn’t Enough

Mediocrity? Never heard of it.

Our clients expect and deliver the best, consistently raising the bar. 

We look for individuals who aren’t satisfied with just getting the job done but strive for excellence in every task.

If you have a passion for pushing boundaries and inspiring those around you to do the same, you’ll fit right in. But if “good enough” is part of your vocabulary, you’ll find our environment challenging.

6. Procedure-Driven: The Backbone of Quality

Being procedure-driven is non-negotiable.

This isn’t just about following a checklist – it’s about designing and executing structured processes that guarantee top-notch results every time.

If a clear procedure doesn’t exist, our ideal candidates create their own frameworks to ensure excellence. This trait is essential for maintaining consistency, meeting deadlines, and delivering outstanding work.

If you shine in an organized environment and can build robust structures from scratch, you’ll excel in our clients’ demanding and high-standard workflows.

7. Work at Speed: Keep Up or Get Left Behind

Speed is everything when change is ongoing.

Our clients operate in fast-paced, often startup-like environments where rapid change is the norm. 

They might be launching new products, overhauling processes, or integrating cutting-edge technologies that accelerate the pace - like working with AI to make themselves 5X more productive.

If you can thrive amidst constant movement and adapt quickly to changing demands and technologies, you’ll fit right in. 

We want people who embrace AI tools in everything they do, it’s central to every role. 

That means being excited to use AI, taking proactive steps to master it, and trying to enhance your capabilities to near-superhuman levels. 

But if you struggle with high-speed environments, and can’t harness AI to boost your productivity and problem-solving skills -  you will find it hard to keep up. 

Being comfortable and effective in a whirlwind of dynamic activity is key for success with Crossover’s clients.

Interview Process Tip: Know Your Manager

One critical piece of advice: try to understand your potential manager’s style during the interview process and gauge if there’s a match.

Since Crossover serves multiple clients, each with its own unique culture, your experience can vary significantly based on your manager’s approach.

Some managers are hands-on, providing constant guidance, while others are more hands-off, giving you the freedom to manage your work.

Make sure you get a feel for this during your interview to ensure it’s a good match.

Is Crossover the Right Fit for You?

Applying for a job on Crossover means embracing change, continuous learning, data-driven decision-making, and high standards.

If these traits resonate with you, you’ll likely find our clients’ environments exhilarating and rewarding. 

But, if you prefer a more stable, predictable work setting or if you’re not keen on constantly pushing your limits, and documenting your communication - this isn’t the environment for you.

We’re not looking for the average worker - we’re searching for passionate, adaptable, and driven individuals ready to take on the challenges of remote work in tech - and excel.

We’re looking for top performers. 

Are you up for it? If so, we can’t wait to meet you.

Explore our remote jobs here. 

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