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Is your career goal to be the CEO of an enterprise software company? Do you enjoy a challenge? Work from South Africa.

Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and learn and do new things every day?

Crossover partners are looking for a CEO who offers heartfelt words of encouragement to inspire a culture of teamwork, engagement, and innovation. .

This position requires drive and creativity from the moment of hire through implementation. Through the use of metrics, standards, measurements, and related sciences, the executive is responsible for vision, ensuring that high-quality products, services, and solutions have been developed, delivered, and analyzed. This position requires well-articulated analytical skills and extensive material intelligence in order to accurately measure the efficiency and success of all new product and service lines before they are implemented.

As a CEO in Training, you'll get the opportunity to work on a few of our supporting companies, with the chance to be a part of a team, learn how the software development process takes place, and produce deliverables.

Working from a proven playbook and in partnership with an experienced CEO, you will gain hands-on knowledge and expertise across multiple domains. 

If this opportunity to turbo-charge your career intrigues you, apply today!

What you will be doing

  • Investigating customer-facing business challenges to identify the root cause
  • Solving the most critical bottlenecks and problems in each system
  • Creating an ambitious, differentiated vision for a business unit or product
  • Managing through crisis, handling internal and external stakeholders' expectations while adhering to a playbook

What you will NOT be doing

  • Fundraising for capital
  • Wooing potential clients
  • Doing the CEO's admin work

Key Responsibilities

  • Transform a business unit so it aligns with our already proven model
  • This includes building a unit that is highly autonomous, where employees have the freedom to innovate and think differently, and where the focus is on delivering the best experience for the customers, not on maximizing revenue or minimizing costs.
  • The primary responsibilities of this role are to ensure the unit is running as efficiently as possible, aligning with the company’s goals and model, and developing the unit to the next level.
  • This role also involves restructuring the unit to better reflect the company’s strategy and priorities, or it could be more targeted training and development for the staff.
  • You’ll work closely with the business unit leader and other managers to define the direction, scope, and timeline of the project.
  • You’ll also be responsible for building a team, effectively communicating your plan to stakeholders and the team, and closing the project when required.
  • This position will also be responsible for building and growing the leadership team, and ensuring the business unit has the right people in the right roles to drive results. This position will be hands-on, and will collaborate and work closely with the COO to drive action and results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this role different from other similar roles?

You aren’t being thrust into a CEO or C-suite position without any support or training. You will have a proven playbook to operate from and mentorship from an experienced CEO.

What makes someone successful in this role?

The most successful people in this role possess the following attributes:

  • Pattern-matcher: able to identify themes and patterns and apply that learning to make improvements
  • Visionary: can see the desired end state and develop an action plan to get the business unit/division there
  • Humble leadership: confident in decisions but willing to seek feedback and adapt the best idea at the table, even if it's not theirs

What is the main challenge for this role?

The biggest challenge for this role is that turning around a struggling software product or business division involves dealing with dissatisfied internal and external stakeholders. Rather than maintaining the status quo or rushing temporary fixes, you must search out the root causes of these problems, reassure stakeholders, and develop a clear, convincing vision for the future.

What you will learn

You will learn a proven playbook that has successfully transformed struggling software companies for over a decade. You will learn to identify inefficiencies in processes and systems and then quickly deploy solutions.

Work examples

You’ll dive deep into a variety of business domains in this role. Some of the projects you might work on include:

  • Building SEO for a product to double lead volume
  • Taking a lagging product and creating a vision that differentiates it from the competition and revitalizes its market image
  • Coaching an ineffective inbound sales team to double their MQL to Close ratio
  • Rebuilding a pre-sales organization into an enterprise SaaS team that wins large RFP-based deals
  • Creating a customer success team from scratch in a recent acquisition and doubling NPS as a result
  • Taking a company that was acquired through bankruptcy and meeting with customers to explain the new vision, model, and firm financial footing.
  • Analyzing the installed base of an acquisition to find pricing anomalies that allow you to double the yield and implementing changes based on your insights.
  • Rebuilding teams with a remote-first, global, asynchronous communication model.

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