Remote Education Jobs in South Africa

Are you a high-level athlete turned motivator, mentor, and life coach? Do you believe in the transformative power of education to teach life's greatest lessons — grit, teamwork, leadership, and perseverance? Leading US companies are now hiring for educational roles with Crossover. Work from South Africa.

Remote Education roles at Crossover are tailored for those eager to leverage their experience and passion for teaching and mentoring, transforming the future of education. 

Join an exclusive group of educators, motivators, and leaders committed to delivering innovative learning solutions and overcoming educational challenges.

Accelerate Your Application Process:

Dive into a seamless application journey. Complete all steps and earn your shot at a direct interview with a senior leader in less than 5 hours. It's a challenging path, but one filled with rewarding experiences and growth opportunities.

Education Job Responsibilities:

  • Use your expertise to inspire, mentor, and guide learners towards academic and personal growth.
  • Employ innovative teaching methods and digital tools to enhance the learning experience.
  • Collaborate on long-term, full-time initiatives with some of the brightest minds in education.

Minimum Requirements for an Education Role:

  • A degree in Education, Psychology, or a related field.
  • Strong background in pedagogy and current educational technologies.
  • Experience in curriculum development, online education, or instructional design.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to connect with students.
  • A passion for making a difference in the educational landscape through innovation and dedication.

Embrace the opportunity to shape the future of education with Crossover's education roles. Apply now to join our mission of creating impactful learning experiences across the globe!


 Salary Range

$60k/year - 150k/year


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