6 Ways Your Company Can Hire the Best International Talent
Building a Remote Workforce

6 Ways Your Company Can Hire the Best International Talent

by Crossover
6 Ways Your Company Can Hire the Best International Talent
  • Why Go Global?
  • 1. Ditch the Dusty Job Boards
  • 2. Embrace the Rainbow
  • 3. Pay Like a Rockstar (No Matter Where They Rock)
  • 4. Ace the Remote Interview Game
  • 5. Legal Eagles to the Rescue
  • 6. Level Up Everyone's Game

Feeling stuck in a talent pool the size of your bathtub? Dreaming of expanding your remote team with rockstar devs from Reykjavik to Rio?

We're about to crack the code on unlocking the best international remote talent. Get ready to ditch the resume rut and build a squad so diverse and skilled, it'll make your competitors weep with envy.

Why Go Global?

Think it's just a fad? Think again. 70% of people work remotely at least once a week (IWG Global Workplace Survey)

Hiring internationally isn't a trend, it's a growth hack. Your team gets diversity, expertise, and a global edge that will make it hard for others to keep up.

So, how do we snag these international gems? 

Let's break it down:

1. Ditch the Dusty Job Boards

Forget the same old boring platforms. Dive into niche job boards and pro platforms built for global recruiting (Prime, anyone?)

These bad boys connect you with talent from everywhere, with the skills and experience you crave. It's like Tinder for remote superstars!

2. Embrace the Rainbow

Diversity isn't just a buzzword, it's a powerhouse. Showcase your commitment in job postings that sing the praises of different backgrounds and experiences.

Implement unbiased hiring practices because everyone deserves a fair shot. Plus, McKinsey says diverse teams crush the competition by 35%.

3. Pay Like a Rockstar (No Matter Where They Rock)

Do your research! Understand what top talent in different regions are earning for similar gigs. Offer competitive salaries, or better yet, pay everyone the same regardless of location.

Perks that cater to remote lifestyles, like flexible hours and location-specific bonuses, will make you the coolest employer on the block. Remember, happy talent = productive talent.

4. Ace the Remote Interview Game

Invest in slick communication tools that work like magic across time zones. Video conferencing that doesn't lag and collaboration platforms that feel like a virtual office? Yes, please!

Scheduling interviews with time zone awareness shows respect and flexibility, making international folks feel welcome from the get-go.

5. Legal Eagles to the Rescue

Navigating different countries' legal and compliance stuff can be a brain-bender. Partner with a global platform that handles this voodoo for you.

Keeping things compliant builds trust with your international hires and avoids legal headaches (because nobody wants that drama).

6. Level Up Everyone's Game

Offer language and cultural training to help international hires rock your company culture. Encourage global collaboration and continuous learning in your international team.

Sharing knowledge across borders creates a dynamic, inclusive workplace that benefits everyone. Think of it as a talent buffet where everyone gets their fill of awesomeness.

Embrace the international recruiting adventure! Hiring globally isn't a chore, it's an opportunity to connect with incredible team members from around the world.

So, let go of the fear, open your mind, and get ready to build a remote dream team that'll take your company to the moon (or at least a sweet co-working space in Bali).

Hiring internationally is like adding secret spice to your remote work team.

Embrace the differences, value the unique perspectives, and watch your remote squad take over the world (or at least the digital one). Hire the best international talent using these 6 easy tips now.

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