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Are you a business-savvy product expert that can pinpoint what drives value in a software product?

Job Description

Do you spend most of your time developing product features that nobody will care about?

What if you could dedicate your SaaS expertise to generating product insights that will improve over 100 B2B solutions? 

Typical software products start as a great idea to solve a business issue but often get lost in the way: trying to attract more clients, they pile up features that don't add any real value. 

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, we are looking for SaaS experts who can strip SaaS products down to their core features and discover the unique selling proposition of existing products that matter to customers.

This is not your typical product management role. Instead of endlessly searching for new features, you will be responsible for finding unique selling propositions for multiple software solutions. You will dig deep into each product, uncover its core use cases, research customers and markets, and generate insights about what enables customers to achieve their business goals.

Your job will be to create exciting visions and roadmaps for SaaS products. For every one of our solutions, you will dig deep into market research, identify trends and patterns in customer behavior, and make critical commercial decisions that guide the marketing and sales team in making the product successful.

Excited about revamping multiple million-dollar products? Apply today and join our teams!

What you will be doing

  • Creating a vision for B2B SaaS products about how they can generate long-term business value based on customer and market information.
  • Establishing product roadmaps and setting milestones for value realization.
  • Making important commercial decisions that enable the sales and marketing teams to deliver business value.

What you will NOT be doing

  • Managing the entire product development cycle. Instead, you will focus solely on what you do best: product strategies.
  • Technical product decisions. We have a dedicated team for technical product management so you can focus on the commercial aspects.
  • Cross-functional communication or garnering stakeholder alignment. You will be the primary decision-maker.

Key Responsibilities

Deliver product visions that attract customers, and product roadmaps that create business value.

Candidate Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience with B2B SaaS Product Management
  • Hands-on experience with SaaS product exploration and research, identifying business processes, use cases, and capabilities
  • Experience interacting directly with customers
  • Ability to identify which product features are critical to creating business value for customers 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this role different from other similar roles?

This role differs quite a bit from typical product manager roles. You won’t have to do extensive stakeholder management, handle technical details, or handle project management tasks. In this role, you’re the authority for the product, although this authority is based on the quality of your insights and strategies. 

What makes someone successful in this role?

Besides the SaaS product expertise, the following skills are critical to this role: 

  • Skill in deriving business value insights: the ability to understand how a B2B SaaS product delivers lower costs or higher revenue for a customer, based on customer insights, empathy, hard data, and commercial sense
  • Strategy development skills: analyze market size & growth, competitors, competitor capabilities, and customer trends - then develop insights for your product vision
  • Communication skills: strong verbal and written communication to articulate product value, strategy, and vision

What is the main challenge for this role?

The main challenge is to derive accurate business value insights from customer reports and other data sources (sales data, external market research, amongst others). 

What you will learn

You will sharpen your SaaS expertise by developing research-backed strategies for 100+ products. You will master a structured, scalable product management system that focuses on value-adding features and repeatedly improves value realization for customers.


 Salary Range

$60k/year - 400k/year

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