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Are you a global software sales professional who is currently earning less than $200,000 USD in total annual compensation? We believe you already know software sells better when built with quality components. Work from Colombia.

From your customer acumen to your ability to drive customer retention, Sales are at the heart of every business- whether providing customer service, managing customer requirements, or ensuring orders get delivered on time, we need your skills.

This role will leverage your expertise in software sales to drive team improvements and provide a positive cultural environment that encourages team co-operation and growth. This position will also integrate with Marketing to help ensure they best understand the software they're selling and complement that to create achievable and sustainable revenue goals.

Join our ready-to-obtain sales position, which demands the skills you need to build a high-performing team. Building sales quotas and goals, assigning sales territories, and building your team are just a few of the responsibilities you’ll take on. You’ll also analyze data and use it to make important decisions.

What you will be doing

To drive retention and account growth, we work hard on delighting our customers and putting our resources into making them successful with our products. You will get to hone your performance management skills and constantly make your team better for our customers.

You'll set the standard for the team and keep raising it. Take your expertise and ability to make the team perform at your level. Have an impact as you drive performance at scale while staying close to the action.

Following an extensive and regular review of the sales team's real work, this role will spend most of their day leveraging their software sales expertise to drive team improvements:

  • Doing detailed win/loss analysis to coach and improve sales coaching.
  • Using product information and playbooks to develop and refine high-quality content (conversation plans, email templates, discovery questions, etc.)
  • Developing system-level insights and documenting data-driven important actions that drive programmatic improvements across the platform
  • Writing high impact proposals to improve how the selling is done

You may also spend some time maintaining a sharp edge by directly engaging in sales discussions with customers.

What you will NOT be doing

This role is not about the dark arts of sales forecasting, cold calling, closing, nickel, and diming customers, air miles, or relying on your gut. It is not about earning a commission.

You will not lead the customer conversation, and you will not be the one closing the deals.

Key Responsibilities

Instead of having you chase a quota with potentially misaligned incentives, we are willing to give you certainty on comp because we know what we need you to do to drive results. We are obsessed with quality - we make the tools and the team great and let results follow from there. You will not be exposed/dependent on other parts of the organization dropping the ball. You are responsible for raising the performance of the whole sales team to that of the top performers through a relentless focus on quality.

Candidate Requirements

  • At least 5 years experience in global B2B SaaS/software sales
  • Consciously adept at top-down selling
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent work experience
  • Ability to synthesize product information even when it gets a little technical

Nice to have

  • Coaching training
  • Telco or marketing solutions sales experience
  • Performance management training
  • Data analytics training

Frequently Asked Questions

Why only remote work?

Just like software has migrated to the cloud, we believe that the future of work is remote. It makes more sense for companies because the best people in the world don’t live within commuting distance. It’s better for workers because it’s finally possible to hold down a top-tier job (and pay) from anywhere in the world. And it has the potential to transform society by offering equal pay regardless of location – not to mention helping the environment by eliminating the daily commute.

What you will learn

  • Become the standard bearer for a global team that's revolutionizing the B2B software business with a huge and growing portfolio of acquired SaaS products.
  • Use our tools, combined with your experience, to take your sales experience to the next level.

Work examples

Deliverables Include:

  • Coaching Sales Development Representatives and Inside Sales Representatives 
  • Writing Deep Dives with insights in areas of underperformance or over-performance
  • Writing Important Design Decisions to make insights actionable 
  • Creating key sales content 
  • Maintaining a sharp edge by directly engaging in sales discussions with customers 
  • Coaching on customer meetings, relationship building, account strategy, territory strategy, pitching, negotiating

 Salary Range

$60k/year - 200k/year


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