VP of Presales Engineering

Do you want to be a pivotal contributor to complex sales processes, using your technical expertise to demonstrate solutions value and making an essential impact on winning? Do you like engaging customers in high impact meetings where you are most senior technology expert with an ability to influence the course of an enterprise sale? Do you relish the thrill of solving real-world problems with cutting edge software solutions? Can you handle the respect and the responsibility that comes with all of the above? If so - this role is for you.

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VP of Presales Engineering

$ 200k/Year   Flexible   Long-term
Good fit for: Vice-President of Presales Engineer

Crossover, the world’s largest remote work company, is looking for a seasoned executive with experience in a global leadership role. As the VP Presales Engineer, you will grow the company's overall sales (i.e., recurring and new revenue) and marketing (i.e., build compelling content) objectives.

You wear multiple hats in this role - from a lead sales engineer to a lead solution marketer/evangelist to excellent customer management with a balanced dose of salesmanship. The position is a blend of responsibilities that leverage both technical and business skills. At times, you act as a customer-facing CTO for the product you are pre-selling.

This is an ideal role for a techno/business leader, someone who is a hands-on-expert like a true engineer but at the same time can also handle the subtle nuances of customer relationship management.

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Why Crossover?
Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

Sales Engineering/Presales: In our competitive enterprise software marketplace, customer success is at the core of business success. The way our clients show their appreciation is through renewing business. Within the scope of this core business strategy, you will enable the expansion of our footprint inside our client accounts. Additionally, you are the most senior technical lead on the product, doing demonstrations, answering technical questions, fielding questions about the competition and defending your point of view.

Growth and M&A: We grow our business in three primary ways. 1) new customer acquisition. 2) new growth opportunities within the existing customer base. 3) new company acquisitions. You play a critical technical role in all three growth strategies by supporting sales and marketing teams reach their respective objectives and play a lead role in technical due diligence as we grow by acquisitions

Continually grow your expertise: A great preseller is someone who is continuously improving his/her expertise. In this role, you have the opportunity to develop your technical skills by learning new products and technologies. As we grow our company through acquisitions, you are asked to develop an expert level understanding of these new technologies

Solution X-selling: As we grow our product base through acquisitions, you have the opportunity to combine expertise from different domains to innovate solutions that best meet the customer's requirements. You drive Industry unique programs like Ignite Prime - ignitetech.com/prime or Aurea's Aurea unlimited - aurea.com/unlimited

Technical Problem Solving: You leverage your hands-on technical expertise to deep dive into complex engagements with customers, indirectly managing several x-functional teams like Support, Central Engineering, Solution Engineering to achieve technical objectives


Lead technical demonstration(s): Execute demos for end customers and internal sales and marketing team members. Create and document specific alignment between a technology demonstration and a solution vision. Set a high-quality bar for demo's curation, execution, and delivery while operating at all levels (management and functional)

Lead customer business value identification and discovery -- understand how our products and their unique differentiation can be used within the customer's existing architecture and business environment

Achieving an expert level understanding of our customers' environments and their evolving requirements vis-a-vis our solutions and products so that you can facilitate the creation of new opportunities and drive longer retention

Content Creation: Help define new technical content such as white paper(s), technical concept notes, product plans, competitive battle cards, market analysis and any other material that enable/support our Marketing, Sales and Services functions

Lead technical workshops, seminars, and engagements with customers who are interested in an in-depth understanding of our solutions from engineering ("under-the-hood") perspective

As part of pre-sales cycles or POC delivery, creating solution architecture, heuristics, and designs for new solution approaches

Be ready for a hands-on-keyboard level of deep diving into technical work by creating new code/scripts, architecture recommendations, and technical delivery plans to problem solve most demanding of customer issues/dissatisfiers. You will be required to drive the technical work yourself or lead a team of engineers towards a deliverable

Keep up to date with market competition (vis-a-vis the products in our portfolio) and be able to defend our products against any comparison against a competitor.

Prepare the technical responses to RFPs and other documents as required.

Play a critical role in performing due diligence of the Sales Engineering / Presales function for new company acquisitions


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Information Technology or higher. Additional MBA is a plus.

Entry-level programmer to more senior levels of hands on programming experience

5+ years’ experience as a Sales Engineer/Preseller

5+ years experience in technical leadership role such as, Head of Technology, Chief Architect, Lead Evangelist,CTO

Experience with sales operations, RFP/RFI response

Experience working in a matrix organization with indirect reports with high influencing capability

A passion for engaging customers doing demos, technical workshops, seminars, presentations

Fluency in English

Willingness to accommodate US EST hours (till 3:00 PM EST)


This position covers business development over a broad portfolio of solutions, and due to the continuous acquisition of SW companies.

You will learn strategic thinking to increase your business acumen and industry knowledge.

You will learn about new technologies and how they address business problems in different domains (e.g., Industrial Automation, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Marketing, IT infrastructure, etc.). 

You will get a chance to present yourself as an industry captain and a thought leader.

You will get an opportunity to advance your selling and marketing skills as you work in conjunction (as a lead stakeholder) with sales teams and marketing team.

You will enjoy solving practical, real-world problems by directly engaging customers, understanding their needs and innovating/discovering new usage of our products within complex IT ecosystem.

You will learn innovative ways to work remotely and how to maximize your productivity in a remote environment. You will learn to put structure around your tasks, measure them objectively, gain insights into your work ethic. These insights will enable you to be a better and more productive professional.

External resources
Presales Service Requests
A snapshot from the playbook of our structured, process-driven approach in delivering presales work to our sales and marketing functions. These definitions give you an example of the type of work requested of a pre-seller and how we measure ourselves by quantifying our work through #of requests we handle in a given period.
Solution Deck
An example of the type of content you are requested to create as a Presales Engineer. You create this content and collaborate with marketing function to make it customer-facing
Technical Webinars
An example of the type of webinars you present to customers. You demonstrate expert knowledge of your products and the broader domain through live Q and A sessions with customers

and Answers

  • What are the main working tasks?

    - Position yourself as a senior technology leader of several Enterprise products to support broader company mandate against Sales and Marketing functions.
    - Drive live demonstrations and communicate vision and value narratives to senior office bearers and stakeholders at our customers customers
    - Create roadmaps, technology whitepapers, competitive research and analysis, and other sales collateral to drive forward a programmatic selling agenda
    - Be instrumental in enabling monthly, quarterly sales goals and x-selling objectives to drive growth and successful retention within our customer base

  • What is my team structure?

    You will be an individual contributor in a team led by VP, Solutions Innovation or SVP, Presales Engineering. You will become part of a team with 3-4 peers in your team room. The team can potentially grow if the pace of acquisitions warrants increasing the team size.

  • What is the working culture and which methodology and tools are used?

    It is a fast-paced culture with weekly deliverables and an innovative working model. Processes are standardized and repeatable across all companies, which is measured with accurate data available from Worksmart Pro, our team productivity tool.

  • Who does the position report to?

    Reports to VP, Solutions Innovation or SVP, Presales Engineering

  • What is the compensation model?

    It is a 200K USD per year or 100 USD/Hour for a standard 40 hour week, with no variable component.