At Crossover, we help you build and manage all-star teams made up of only the top 1% of global talent.

The Best Teams—Tested and Proven

 You need to build high-quality teams, and you need to do it fast. At Crossover, we help you build and manage the best teams for your business. By selecting only the top talent, we guarantee a 50% improvement at a 50% cost reduction in one quarter. 


Skills testing

The traditional way of selecting talent is outdated. The resume format was invented 500 years ago, and interviews are only 14% effective. They are no longer the right tools to select the best talent.

We develop sophisticated, custom tests for each position and only choose the top 1% of talent for every role.


Global search for the best

The best professional sports teams don't limit themselves to small search areas for talent, and neither should you. We perform a marketing-led approach to find the best talent across 98 different countries to ensure we're finding the best in the world.