Hear testimonials from some of the 5,000+ rockstars who have found a rewarding career through Crossover.


Career Paths

From Customer Support to Accounting, and everything between. Get a feel for the different paths a Crossover career can take.

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Aleks Natchkebia
Aleks, Strategic Analyst, Trilogy

Where do you work when your most productive time is at 3am? This night owl uses flexible remote work to unlock career-defining performance at Trilogy. It's the next level of work-life balance.

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Team & Culture

Crossover recruits for 850+ teams at 70+ companies. Hear about how our remote model empowers work/life balance and a fresh approach to company culture.

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Karina Jimenez
Karina, L1 Support Agent, Trilogy
Costa Rica  

Do you have a superpower? Karina from Costa Rica does—and it makes her awesome at the Customer Support job she found on Crossover.

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Crossover's approach to pay is different. Get answers directly from people who once had the same questions as you.

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Sameer Ghimire
Sameer, L1 Customer Support Agent, Trilogy

Sameer had to look for work after he closed his businesses due to COVID. In his search he found his role with Trilogy on Crossover. With his manager's feedback, he has become one of the top performers in Trilogy. Always looking to better himself, his hobby of ...

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Remaining productive while working remotely is a learned skill. Find out more about Crossover's software solution to fine-tune efficiency.

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Kavya Harlalka
Kavya, Software Engineer, Trilogy

Every developer knows that tunnel vision you get when the interruptions finally stop and the code can flow through you without distraction. Kavya found a job where this method is embraced by everyone—let him tell you what that feels like.

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