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Crossover is hiring around the world

Compensation. WorkSmart Pro. Teammates. Remote University. Career Path. Everyone has their own Crossover story... What will yours be?


Crossover is hiring around the world

Compensation. WorkSmart Pro. Teammates. Remote University. Career Path. Everyone has their own Crossover story... What will yours be?


We have 4,000+ team members in 131 countries to date.

and we are bringing new people on every week.

The following is a collection of testimonials from our Partners all over the world. Hear what they have to say about working with Crossover.

testimonials 2-11.png

Partner Testimonials

Compensation. WorkSmart Pro. Teammates. Remote University. Career Path. Everyone has their own Crossover story... What will yours be?


Partner Testimonials

Compensation. WorkSmart Pro. Teammates. Remote University. Career Path. Everyone has their own Crossover story... What will yours be?




“I'm earning 4 times more at Crossover! In my country, only managers get a better payment, but in Crossover I can be rewarded for my technical skills at the level of managers for my hands-on: expertise that I excel.”

Miguel Angel J., Software Chief Architect - .Net

“I have had to change the way I work at Crossover, but I am accomplishing more and getting paid 110% more than my previous job. I guess their system really works.”

Prasanta B., DBA

“Crossover is literally paying me 5 times more than my last role. I'm getting paid my worth and way over market wage. I love the "cloudwage"”

Minola S., Senior Candidate Sales

“Crossover pays $70K/yr more than my previous company. This motivates me to give a 200% every single day - not only because I appreciate this opportunity - but because the business model enables you to make every customer successful.”

Marino V., Account Manager

“I can work from my home-country and being paid on world class level.”

Katarina P., Customer Solution Chief Architect

“I'm earning $75K more at Crossover than my last role! I'm more motivated than ever working with a world-class team, I'm learning and growing more than I ever have in my career!”

Anderson J., Java Chief Software Architect

“I went from paycheck-to-paycheck to paying off debts (what I use to get in a year I get now in 6 weeks), in 3 years I Crossover was able to buy a nice apartment in the city, pay for my brother's studies and have a better life. I'm just so thankful to Crossover for helping me on this path.”

Subhasish D., Architect

“I went from making $10k/yr in my old role to my current Crossover $60k/yr - unbelievable”

Abdul R., Full-Stack Software Architect

“I am making 150% more than I had in my previous job thanks to Crossover. I am finally being paid properly and even over market value. At this time last year was struggling to cover my financial obligations, now financial hardship is a thing of the past.”

Danny E., Customer Success Trainer

“Making 4 times more, I do not look at my bank account anymore. This is not a job but a passion! Crossover challenges the norms of all conventional working places.”

Farooq S., L1 Customer Support Engineer

“I have grown professionally at Crossover way more than I expected when I joined 3 years ago as an Engineer ($30k/yr). Was promoted to Architect ($60k/yr) and in 2018 as Chief Architect ($100k/yr). I have gotten opportunities to face challenges I never imagined before.”

Alain-Michel C., Java Chief Software Architect

“In Crossover I am paid 3x more than I ever had so is expected to have challenges coming from the Management, but all welcomed as the reward and appreciation are there as well.”

Noor-us-Sabah Z., C# (.NET) Software Engineer

“Efficient and productive, way more now at Crossover than I ever was in past traditional jobs. My manager is challenging me with the opportunity to grow, learn, and add value.”

Ioan-Ciprian A., C# (.NET) Chief Software Architect

“Expectations are way higher here than my previous jobs - but I'm also getting paid 2x more and am more challenged and fulfilled than ever. I am exposed and able to learn from: AWS cloud (AWS certified Solution Architect) , VMWare, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet 🚀”

Pranav N., SaaS Engineer

“First day on the job and couldn't be more excited about earning 3x more than I was previously!”

Amaninder S., L2 Customer Support Architect

“I could realistically see myself staying at Crossover for the rest of my career and never getting bored. There's an endless amount of opportunity to grow, learn, and add value.”

Joao A., PHP Software Architect

“This is the elite! Expectations are higher here, but I'm more challenged and I am proud to work with the best people around the world. ”

Christian M., Order Management Specialist

“I learned a lot over the past year working for Crossover. They have excellent management training that introduces you to the internal processes as well as teaches you fairly advanced management skills that will be relevant no matter what career path you choose.”

Vaagn K., QA Software Engineering Manager

“I swell up with pride when people notice that the best developers in my city: Saint Petersburg join Crossover because it's true... and I'm proud to be a part of it.”

Polina S., QA Lead

“My Crossover Remote Camp was hands down the most challenging professional experience I have ever had. My peers were brilliant. Now we are officially part of the Crossover team, and I'm enjoying every day that I'm here.”

Milos M., VP of Technical Product Management

“Only Crossover has the sustainability and unique methodology to enable high-end global job growth on the cloud. Crossover is paying me 4 times more than my last role. It's fantastic to see a multinational company doing what's right for local talent.”

Mikael F., L1 Customer Support Engineer

“More is expected from me and I am definetely working harder than I did in my previous company, but that is why they can pay me 3x the wages.”

Marlon C., L1 Customer Support Engineer

“I was doing a repetitive job, not challenging and I knew I can do more. Took me 6 months, 1 on-site tournament in Rio, where I meet Andy T, failed-learned, and when the letter of acceptance hit my inbox, then it hit me: Crossover is paying me $50K/yr more than my last role.”

Fabio F., Java Script Architect

“I'm more motivated than ever working with a world-class team. And by making 3x more than ever before, I have turned my family's life around towards financial freedom, thanks to #crossoverforwork.”

Thabet A., JavaScript Chief Software Architect

“Crossover brought the most challenging experience I have ever had but within three months, I expanded my skills like crazy, gained a group of friends and colleagues from all over the world, and feel ready to jump into my new team.”

Arotimi B., PHP Software Engineer

“Worksmart Pro helped me accomplishing way more than I did in any other job. While being skeptical at the beginning it took a while to learn and get used to it - but wow: is the most insightful tool.”

Hervé M., C++ Architect

“Crossover gave me tools to manage remote teams on a level I never imagined possible before. It is an ideal platform to build powerful yet cost-efficient teams.”

Dmitry G., Java Software Engineer Manager

“Crossover is amazing... I started in 2015 as a Front End Software Engineer and now I'm a Front End Software Architect that is earning 4x the previous company salary. It has been one great learning and growing adventure, I am excited about the future!”

Dimitrios D., Front End Software Architect

“I am a C Software Engineer, working from Islamabad-Pakistan on the latest software development tools and technologies. I am proud of working in a team with the smartest people around the globe (like Germany, Brazil, Russia, Bulgaria, France and couple more)”

Muhammad R., C (.NET) Software Engineer

“I am proud to work with the best people around the world. They bring their creativity in solving the issues and work smarter in a system that works!”

Johan N., Project Manager

“Here you never get bored: there's an endless amount of opportunity to grow, learn, and add value.”

Nishita B., QA Manual Tester

“I had learned at Crossover way more than I expected when I joined almost 6 months ago. I joined as an L2 Architect and I have colleagues great in coding, great in documenting and together we deliver an exquisite work.”

Juan Ignacio P., L2 Customer Support Architect

“I have never been more confident in my management skills and abilities for my role. At Crossover, as you grow you receive more responsibility as you continue to work hard and execute while having the chance to showcase your skills - this is the way to a step up in my career.”

Paulo M., Customer Support Manager

“I am paid better, I am more challenged and fulfilled so expectations are way higher here than my previous jobs.”

Omar M., Customer Support Associate

“WSPro is a revolutionary - can't believe I'm just learning this system now.”

Diego D.N., Financial Planning & Operations Manager

“Thanks to Crossover's unique way of transferring knowledge (through playbooks, coaching sessions, WSPro) I have never been more confident in my technical skills and abilities for my role.”

Peter C., IT Project Manager (PMP)

“I joined in 2014 as a C Engineer, then Architect and now Chief Architect. Promoted 3 times, passing the test for each role and I can see the next targets: VP, SVP. Crossover is offering this crucial career ladder that helps me envision my future.”

Albert G., Software Chief Architect - .Net

“I know what metrics I have to hit and what I need to learn to demonstrate that I'm ready for the next step. I could realistically never getting bored at Crossover.”

Dusan L., C# (.NET) Software Architect

“I learned in 7 months so much and I feel like I gained 7 years of improvements compared to my previous role. I could see myself staying at Crossover for the rest of my career and never feeling stuck.”

Emre A., C# (.NET) Chief Software Architect

“I love my team at Crossover - literally some of the smartest people I've ever worked with in my career.”

Lev C., Ruby on Rails Architect

“I started in 2016 as a Software Architect and now I'm a Chief Architect. It has been a wonderful adventure and I can't wait to see where I'll be in the coming years!”

Yogesh B., Java Chief Software Architect

“Proud to say I accepted an offer at Crossover! It's been tough to get the job - but I honestly just can't thank Crossover enough for the opportunity and support I wouldn't otherwise have.”

Victor S., Junior Deal Analysis

“Happy to say I accepted an offer at Crossover! I want to thank you guys for the opportunity and support! You are the best!”

Maria Cristina G., Sales Development Representative

“I'm learning more from my colleagues every day than I have learned any other time in my career. Crossover got very talented people from around the world to join their team.”

Sergey N., Front End Angular Chief Software Architect

“I'm much, much more efficient and productive now at Crossover than I ever was in more traditional jobs. It's a great system and it works incredibly well”

Sandy V., Vice President of Customer Support

“I've never seen an onboarding process as well thought out as the Remote Camp. At the end of University, I feel ready to add immediate value. My peers have been coaches to me, and I'm already owning some of Crossover's most important projects.”

Pallavi P., QA Manual Tester

“Most rapid improvement of a product! I've never seen such ability to acomplish goals as here in my team at Crossover. We are on a rocket ship 🚀”

Isaac O., L2 Customer Support Engineer

“If you've ever felt like you and your team can't solve the problem, you're definitely not working for Crossover :) Our culture of radical transparency makes that impossible.”

Yury P., Technical Product Manager

“In 1.5 years at Crossover I have received 2 promotions and tripled my pay. That type of career path can take literally decades in other companies.”

Olga G., Recruiter

“It's so refreshing to have a clear growth trajectory at Crossover. No more chasing bosses for recognition... I know what I need to learn and demonstrate that I'm ready for the next step.”

Piyush T., Java Software Architect

“Me today, I'm a much better professional that I could ever be by working in any other company for 2 years. Started as Software Architect, moved to Chief and now my compensation at Crossover is 4 times than in my previous company.”

Vano M., C (.NET) Chief Software Architect

“Myself from US, a SaasOps SEM- Spain, 2 Product CA -Brazil & Columbia, 2 IVP's from Ecuador and Sri Lank, CA's -Russia, New Zealand, Australia, and England...so much to learn from this cross-cultural team. Here are some of the best minds in the same project.”

Harsha R., C (.NET) Software Engineering Manager

“Professional growth at Crossover is unbelievable! I joined 4 years ago as an Engineer ($30k/yr), was promoted to Architect ($60k/yr) in 2017 and in 2018 made it as Chief Architect ($100k/yr). If you continue to work hard and execute - there is no limit on your carear evolution.”

Rizwan H., Java Chief Software Architect

“Take the best 5 people in your company... and multiply that by 1000. That's what it feels like at Crossover. It's a fantastic group of all stars to work with.”

Jorge G., Customer Support Manager

“Thanks to my Crossover team, I can grab drinks with a colleague in any country! Pretty cool to have such a global professional network.”

Gleb C., SaaS Operations Infrastructure Engineer

“The worksmartpro culture of aggressive goals and continuous improvement brings out my best and ensures that all of my colleagues are also up for the challenge. So great to be surrounded by such driven people.”

Giancarlo M., Level 2 Customer Support Architect

“The Remote Camp goals are super aggressive - but I've learned a ton and it's the most rewarding environment ever.”

Davidson A., L1 Customer Support Engineer

“The opportunity to work in a global environment with the best minds, the challenging projects are the key pillars of my continued success story at Crossover. The tangible and intangible experience gained are permanent value adds to my future career.”

Brandon B., Private Equity Business Development Associate

“The onboarding procces is amayzingly well thought! At the end of Remote Camp, I feel ready to add immediate value. My peers have been coaches to me, and I'm already owning some of Crossover's most important projects.”

Akeem M., Customer Success Representative

“The philosophy of real achievements, technical product achievements - measurable results! First day on my new job after Remote Camp - me and my teammates are impressed with the level of knowledge I already have. I feel incredibly prepared to take on this new challenge”

Victor Z., Java Chief Software Architect

“I find it very motivating to have weekly metrics and goals with a great system like WSPro that breaks through the daily routine.”

Anna S., Financial Analyst

“I love working with the best developers from all over the world. Crossover's open and standard pay Rates are great - I loved not having to negotiate with a HR person to get paid what I'm worth.”

Romi K., iOS Software Architect

“A Financial Manager from USA, Financial Analysts from Canada, Colombia and India... I work with some of the best talents from around the world, only in Crossover is possible!”

Virginia A., Financial Planning & Operations Manager

“Basically pulled an all-nighter to complete my application for Crossover 😅 but I'm proud to say it was worth it! The application itself is reflective of the real work environment when you join the team.”

Valentin G., Ruby on Rails Chief Software Architect

“Being part of Crossover culture allowed me to accomplish more both on career and personal plan: I am getting paid way more while I learn and grow professionally.”

Islam M., Customer Support Engineer

“WSPro allows me to be focused on the most important tasks as it never happened in my career before.”

Diana O., Inside Sales Representative

“When I joined a year ago as an Architect ($60k/yr) - I never expected the professional growth that I have had here at Crossover. I have gotten opportunities to face challenges had I never imagined before.”

Ruben K., JavaScript Software Architect

“The WSPro simple metrics enable me to clearly see where I stand vs my peers and where I can improve.”

Anca-Maria G., Global Brand Ambassador, Public Speaker

“When you work with smart people - something magical happens - you can have an idea and other smart people build on it - and amazing solutions come to light. I love the collaborative environment: working and learning.”

Faical S., C (.NET) Software Architect

“Worksmart Pro is a sharp instrument that helps me see the team progress, accomplishments, and areas of improvement.”

Ievgen L., Software Engineering Manager - SaaSOps

“WorkSmart pro is an insightful tool for productivity. Expectations are way higher here than my previous jobs - but I'm also getting paid 2x more and am more challenged and fulfilled than ever.”

Sergio W., VP of Finance

“Every workplace I worked in before seems astonishingly inefficient compared to Crossover. Crossover's WorkSmart Pro culture has really enabled my team to accomplish some awesome tasks.”

Gelu V., C# (.NET) Software Engineering Manager

“WSPro has enabled me to concentrate on my most important task like I've never done in my career. 4 years here and counting :)”

Saad Ali S., Visual Designer

“I now earn twice of what I did in previous job and I feel fulfilled on both professional and personal fronts.”

Ameya C., QA Manual Tester

“With WSPro, I receive constant feedback through the Gemba Walk and the Check-in-Chats done in a regular basis by my manager. I find the tool really ingenious!”

Monnaliza T., Imports Level 1 Support

“Only the global top talent with the right tools can deliver amazing results! All previous workplace seem terribly inefficient compared to Crossover. I am learning skills that will benefit me for the rest of my career.”

Ahmer A., Sales Director

“WSPro allows me to focus more efficiently on the job. It's a great system!”

Emiliano L., Database Sourcer

“When you're paid 3x more than you ever have, tackling high expectations from Crossover leadership becomes a welcomed challenge.”

Frances B., Financial Analyst

“WSPro's Playbook helped me quickly understand my teams goals and how to succeed in Crossover.”

Rita F., Inside Sales Representative

“The concept of "plateauing" in your career is foreign to Crossover... in fact, my manager is constantly encouraging me to improve. And unlike in most companies, we have a regular cadence of check-ins when my manager and I discuss my career goals and trajectory within Crossover.”

László-Róbert A., Java Chief Software Architect

“So great to be surrounded by such driven people. There's an endless amount of opportunity to grow, learn, and add value. I could realistically see myself staying at Crossover for the rest of my career and never getting bored.”

Jozef K., Sales Engineer

“Looking back to my last 2 years: I accomplished way more then I did in the 10 years in all my previous companies all together, I am more fulfilled than ever.”

Ionel C., Technical Program Manager

“If I ever leave Crossover (which hopefully is never) - first thing I'd do is take WSPro to my new company.”

Meray W., QA Engineer

“I never believed I could get a job as high-paying as this: I'm making literally 3x more than my previous job. Thanks to Crossover I was able to pay the loan for my MBA and planning to pay for an apartment.”

Giancarlo S., Inside Sales Representative

“Crossover's WorkSmart Pro culture is radically different, looking back to my previous workplaces they are all inefficient compared to Crossover. Here I can accomplish way more, never felt so empowered.”

Lakshmi S., IT Project Manager (PMP)

“Thanks to my Crossover team I can work and be friends with very talented people from all around the world. It's amazing to have such broad professional network.”

Victor C., Global IT Sourcing Specialist

“Since I started working with Crossover, I became a true believer in the cloudwage. I never thought I would get a job as high-paying as this, but at Crossover I'm making literally 2x my previous job.”

Diego P., C# (.NET) Chief Software Architect

“Where has WSPro been all my life! Crossover injected one thing that you can not buy: that is time!”

Jason P., L2 Knowledge Architect - Customer Support

“All traditional jobs I worked in before seem really outdated compared to Crossover.”

Paulo N., Java Chief Software Architect

“I have grown professionally at Crossover much more than I expected. I've got the opportunity to face challenges I never imagined before.”

Prateek R., Senior Technical Consulting Manager

“The best thing I've learn so far is Worksmart Pro. The culture of creating Playbooks is one of a kind and literally eliminates the dependency on any particular individual to get the task completed.”

Imran M., QA SEM

“Crossover standard pay rates are great, I am finally getting paid what I'm worth. And I can work with very skilled people from all over the world. ”

Juliano B., C# (.NET) Chief Software Architect

“The coworking spot in Moscow got the smartest people in the city to join their team. I keep learning more from my colleagues every day.”

Dmitri H., Software Chief Architect

“I am proud to work with world-class people from around the world. They are very creative in solving issues in a system that works.”

Afif A., C# (.NET) Software Engineer

“The exposure and the experience I could gather in this global environments is enriching my daily work. There's an endless amount of opportunity to grow, learn and add value in this diversity.”

Hermanus M., Financial Planning & Operations Manager

“I find WSPro pretty exciting. Contrary to my initial impression - WSPro and our interactions with the managers drive absolute positivity and continuous improvement.”

Javed Z., VP TPM

“Unlike Crossover - my previous companies did not had a data driven methodology with deep objective insight to performance. We were mostly reliant on manager and peers feedback - which is quite infrequent and made the development process slow.”

Shashi B., Vice President of Project Management

“With $100K/yr more than my previous job - I now have clear a path towards becoming debt-free. Without Crossover, I would had never been able to achieve this.”

Carlos G., Functional Vp of Finance

“Crossover WorkSmart Pro system allows me to learn so many good practices - it really works.”

Borys L., IT Project Manager

“My Crossover colleagues are truly among the smartest people in the world and are a great source of information and professional growth.”

Grisel V., Product Manager

“My top 4 career anchors are money, personal development, fast paced work and career growth. In my previous roles - I had a few - but in Crossover I have all 4.”

George P., Director, Human Resources & People Analytics

“The work here is fast-paced and demanding, the solutions must reach a level of maturity very fast, tackling high expectations from Crossover leadership becomes a welcomed challenge when you get $82K/yr more.”

Gerson S., Java Chief Architect

“My salary is 5 times higher than in my previous company, which is fantastic, but not the only highlight of working at Crossover. Colleagues that I work with are amazing professionals, and great people - and the environment is inticing growth and learning.”

Mladen L., Java Chief Architect

“My career has 2 phases - BW (before WSPro) and AW (after WSPro). Huge impact on my career: started as an engineer 5 years ago and now I am top performing as a Chief Architect.”

Matrix D., Java Chief Software Architect

“My manager taught me the WSPro principles on day 1 of the job - and it's completely changed my beliefs on what I can accomplish in a week.”

Marginean A., Global IT Sourcing Specialist

“Amazed to see that WSPro drives cultural alignment across geographic boundries. Collaborative work is contagious!”

Kibsaim A., L1 Customer Support Engineer

“I've never worked harder in my life than within the WSPro system - but it's been worth it and I've learned a ton. It has been amazing: started in 2015 as an L1 Support at $30K/yr, 1 year later I moved to L2 Architect $60K/yr.”

Nitin M., Level 2 Customer Support Architect

“WSPro is super hard and expectations are really really high - but wow - the team results are incredible. I work with the smartest people here than any other place before.”

Emanuele C., Front End Software Architect

“Worksmart pro is more than a framework, is a cultural change that once you learn, you understand how the company works and give you amazing tools to work remotely.”

Javier G., Ruby on Rails Software Engineering Manager

“A WSPro 40 hours-a-week is like the productivity of 80 hours-a-week anywhere else. I learned how to be more productive but that is why they I get paid the "cloudwage".”

Sitam J., QA Architect

“As a senior manager - I was very skeptical on learning a new management system. But after running my Crossover teams with WSPro - I've convinced there is no other system like this in the world.”

Nimish H., IT Project Manager (PMP)

“The pace of work with WSPro is incredibly aggressive - but delivers unbelievable results. Impressive how much you get to learn in this great system!”

Asim D., Finance Relationship Manager

“I loved learning the super unique WSPro principles and it's helped me perform at the highest level in my career.”

Priyadarshini E., SaaS Operations L1 Engineer

“I have been able to learn more from my Crossover team in a week then I've ever learned in any other time in my career.”

Hazim G., QA Manual Tester

“I was one of the first developers to join Crossover in 2014 and since then I've received a promotion to Software Architect that doubled my pay. Crossover is offering a crucial career ladder that helps me envision my future.”

Marios C., Software Architect - C#

“Who would have thought that a daily 15 min discussion with my manager would be so effective - thanks WSPro. I have learned more in the last month than I would in a full year at another company.”

Deepti P., Software Engineering Manager

“WSPro enables our team to work at a speed that feels unreal. Amazing accomplishments are driven by the worksmartpro culture.”

Przemko R., Java Chief Software Architect

“The WSPro Check-in-Chats help me ensure my manager can breakdown any blockers to getting my work done - awesome.”

Mobeen K., Financial Analyst

“I’ve always wondered what an amazing productivity improvements my previous traditional employer could have brought out of their teams if they had the Worksmart Pro culture. WSPro is simply an amazing system.”

Calisto K., Risk management associate

“I now believe clear metrics and goals - with a great system - truly works magic. I'm a WSPro believer!”

Max U., Financial Planning & Operations Manager

“Looking at my Focus score on Worksmart helps me see how much I've always multi-tasked instead of concentrating on my most important task.”

Hernan G., Software Engineer

“Crossover allowed me to earn 3 times more than I did before, have much more time and resources to be the husband and dad that my family deserves and build a small house for us to call home. If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.”

Radu-Cezar L., Customer Support Chief Architect

“WSPro "Gamba Walk" enables me to generate questions and insights to understand the "what and why" followed by learnings to improve my team's process.”

Savas D., Software Engineering Manager - Product

“Every new project is a technology you have a chance to polish and advance. This is so amazing. I'm dealing with really challenging tasks now, and that was always my primary interest - work on complex tasks and LEARN”

Andrey S., SaaS Ops Chief Architect

“Crossover's WSPro processes helped me to define my boundaries to achieve my weekly and quarterly goals.”

Megha V., QA Manual Tester

“Starting from Remote Camp with General Patterns Testing, I have been forced to read and practice more to keep with the fast pace of work at Crossover. In the process, I have picked up new skills like Google spanner, Gradle scripting, Jenkins integration and Pipeline scripting, test automation and Dockers.”

Festus J., Java Chief Architect

“WSPro helped me to know what goals and metrics that are important to success - it's simple and honest like no other company I have ever worked for.”

Jose V., Java Chief Architect

“Resources like WSPro's Playbook helped me to learn how to succeed in Crossover.”

Somali B., Technical Product Manager

“Worksmart Pro is a great tool to develop self-discipline and concentration in any field.”

Emil M., Product SEM

“After only becoming a manager in Crossover did I realized that I previously managed blind.”

Ivan G., QA Software Engineering Manager

“The step by step training offered by WSPro shows you everything to become a great manager - from time efficiency to operational procedures that can only help improve your team two-fold.”

Max S., Customer Support Manager

“After becaming a WSPro expert I started to apply coaching techniques to myself and my friends. My friends were offering me free beer to coach and help them :)”

Ibrahim B., Software Engineering Manager

“Thanks to WSPro, the daily check-in-chats with my manager are so effective that my skills got better than ever.”

Syed A., Software Architect

“With WSPro's quantifiable metrics driven productivity management approach, you get to know your performance every week and you have a clear idea of what can be improved in upcoming weeks.”

Muhammad F., Java Architect

“I find WSPro concepts very interesting. It's very exciting to see how the same concepts have evolved and has now become Crossover's basic foundation on how to operate.”

Jacquelyn R., Finance Planning and Operations Manager

“The transparency of the metrics is what makes WSPro unique, I can see how well I am doing compared with my peers.”

Amber A., Software Engineer (.net)

“What I like most about Crossover is that I have open and constant communication with my manager. He gives me weekly feedback through WSPro Gemba walk and we have regular connects through check-in-chats.”

Jay-ar B., Java Software Architect

“Since I joined Crossover I have learned the craft of Deep Work with the WSPro philosophy, it's such a powerful combination.”

Natasha H., Global Brand Ambassador

“WSPro ensures I am focusing my efforts to maximize my teams productivity. Applying daily check-in-chats is a good way to communicate with my team members, especially if there are changes that need them to redirect their focus in a timely and efficient manner.”

Anastasia P., Software Engineering Manager

“I am earning more than double I used to before Crossover and the lifestyle of my family has improved. We spend more time (and money) together and are excited for our future.”

Osama F., L2 Customer Support Architect

“Crossover's WorkSmart Pro culture has really enabled me and my team to accomplish some awesome tasks. Best talent from around the world surrounds me and I gain invaluable knowledge every day!”

Sina Y., M&A HR Analyst

“Thanks to Crossover's management philosophy of daily check-ins, weekly progress reports, and intense quarterly reviews, my performance is never a mystery and I know exactly how I'm performing.”

Richard D., QA Software Engineering Manager

“Crossover has enabled me to take my family out of our one-room house to a legitimate home for my kids - thank you!”

Armine M., Designer

“Remote Camp was the most challenging experience I have ever had but within one month, I expanded my skills like crazy, gained a group of friends and colleagues from all over the world, and feel ready to jump in to my new team.”

Ivan M., L1 Customer Support Engineer

“Deep Work with WSPro is an amazing philosophy - not sure why I didn't learn this when I graduated college!”

Isabelle A., Account Operations Manager

“Honestly, I could have never grown and learned so many things, as fast I had, if I still was in a normal job in my country.”

Luis M., PHP Software Architect

“The fast pace rhythm the team is working under, the multiple projects which are being juggled, the different types of salespeople in the team and the right leadership are the perfect combination for my successful professional climb.”

Natalia U., Inside Sales Representative

“First of all, I would like to mention the outstanding professional level of my colleagues. I earn four times as much as I did two years before and taking into account that I'm paid in US dollars, it makes me feel secure in a volatile market situation like Russia.”

Mikhail C., Chief Software Architect

“Never realized how important weekly coaching was until I learned WSPro. I met tools I always wanted to learn, and now I have the role that teaches me about teamwork more than ever.”

Maxim Z., Java Chief Software Architect

“I've always been a high-performer - but with WSPro - I realize I can reach insurmountable heights”

Vasanth R., Customer Support Engineer

“WSPro enables me to work 10x more efficiently than I ever had in my life!”

Italia C., Recruitment Analyst

“I wish I would have known about WSPro earlier in my career - what a great system!”

David G., Global IT Sourcing Specialist

“Crossover has been a complete life changer, with a 4 times increase in income I was able to improve the life quality of my family as a whole.”

Lucas B., C# (.NET) Chief Software Architect

“There will be books written about WSPro in the future - no doubt.”

Péter V., C# (.NET) Software Engineering Manager

“Was surprised to learn that WSPro isn't just for small basic teams - even the CEO & COO use the same system!”

Eric O., VP Inside Sales

“I'm now convinced there is no other way to run amazingly productive teams than using WSPro.”

Thanraj P., L1 Customer Support Engineer

“Alignment to common metrics and workflows is the heart of every great team - and WSPro helps us get there and keep improving!”

Luis Enrique C., Level 1 Customer Support Engineer

“I've never seen Zero-Base-Targeting applied to high-skill jobs before - very cool part of WSPro”

Gerardo G., Director of Operations

“With WSPro - I was able to quickly ramp up my team to deliver to our goals in a week instead of a quarter!”

Mehmet K., SaaSOps Software Engineering Manager

“25% increases in performance every quarter by using WSPro - I would have never believed it prior to experiencing it.”

Jackeline E., Customer Success Representative

“Ramping up new team members is so much better with WSPro than what I used to do in other companies.”

Michal G., Software Engineering Manager

“I landed Crossover as Software Architect in mid 2017 and after only 10 months I was promoted to Chief Architect. This is an opportunity I never imagined I would have had.”

Alexey G., Java Chief Software Architect

“Yearly or even quarterly goals are completely outdated - WSPro is the future”

Ali L., Sales Development Representative

“They should teach WSPro in elementary school! I wish I learned it then...”

Svetlana A., Global IT Sourcing Specialist

“How was I ever productive before without WSPro?”

Hema P., Recruitment Analyst

“Today I get to work with technologies that I had only heard of before and I learning skills at Crossover that will benefit me for the rest of my career.”

Rakesh G., .NET Software Architect




This video describes our Crossover philosophies and beliefs. Join Andy Tryba the CEO of Crossover, as he shares with you what makes Crossover for Work so unique and impactful on the fundamentals of how we work and opportunities that will create for you as a prospective candidate looking to join us.