Remote Software Architecture Jobs in Thailand

Are you the best software architect in your company? Can you identify patterns in complex systems and see ways to make them 10x simpler? Work from Thailand.

Do you hate that you're losing your technical edge because of increasing managerial responsibilities? If so, join us and you will create, rebuild, and re-architect a virtually endless supply of software products.

In our roles, you will join a passionate and experienced team responsible for all of the important technical decisions on every product in our extensive portfolio of enterprise software solutions. You’ll spend your time making strategic technical design decisions, such as:

  • What are the core data structures used by the app? Why were they chosen? How are they mapped or applied to the domain of the problem? What were the tradeoffs or alternatives?
  • What is the rationale behind critical technical dependencies or limitations this product has? Are there new and creative ways to overcome them?
  • Can the product be broken down logically into smaller, more manageable components?

What you will be doing

Each week you will have a different design problem to work on and technical specs to create. You will work on a wide variety of products with distinct tech stacks and business domains, providing continuous learning opportunities. 

  • Analyzing data structures, code, and design documents
  • Making important design decisions that specify how to re-architect products in a cloud-first way on platforms like AWS and GCP
  • Developing successful long-term technical strategies for complex products or larger product lines
  • Implementing small prototypes that help you learn and strengthen your decisions

What you will NOT be doing

  • Making technical decisions based primarily on saving money. You will design the best solution for the problem in the simplest way possible with maximum leverage of existing assets. 
  • Participating in daily scrum meetings or providing day-to-day direction to an engineering team
  • Performing code reviews, debugging, or investigating bugs and outages

Key Responsibilities

  • Make clear, simple, and technically superior design decisions
  • Apply an exceptionally high-quality bar to the core technical design decisions - data structures, algorithms, architectural patterns, and the leverage of third-party implementations
  • Utilize other architects as force-multipliers, mentoring them by providing high-quality feedback on their work
  • Synthesize your decisions and designs into clear and structured written specs

Candidate Requirements

  • Experience writing production-quality code
  • Experience in the enterprise software industry
  • Experience working with AWS Public Cloud
  • Knowledge of cloud design patterns for products and offerings
  • Expertise in writing and answering RFIs, RFQs, or RFPs
  • At least 2 years of experience as the decision-maker for design decisions involving the use of cloud computing services
  • Experience working as a senior technical leader whose technical design decisions measurably influenced a software development organization
  • Ability to simplify complex ideas and communicate them in writing with clear, logical thinking

Nice to have

  • A university degree that includes the study of data structures and algorithms
  • Experience redesigning existing products on top of serverless cloud services

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is successful in these roles?

Our most successful team members are super-technical and great at connecting the core of the software's design decisions to how those decisions allow the product to do the "important thing" in the best way possible. They focus on data structures & algorithms. They write their thoughts down so others can understand it. They are fast learners and great writers and know the difference between controlling what is truly important versus micro-managing engineering (which we do not want to do). If this describes you, you'll be successful!

How does the Cloud Architecture and Design organization fit within the rest of the organization?

Our approach to Cloud Architecture is heavily technical, and that is because of our belief that the most important thing is mapping the customer problems to a 10x better engineering solution to that problem. We try to simplify and make the core of the product 10x better instead of chasing every little feature that competitors do or developing piles of minor features from the backlog. That said, we also send the core messages to marketing and sales so that they can do their job. Those core messages start with the technical teams.

What you will learn

We believe in continuous growth and strive for constant improvement. As part of our team, you will learn new technologies, products, and industries daily, and our comprehensive suite of playbooks will equip you with the foundation to develop and enhance your existing expertise. 



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