Remote Strategy Jobs in Pakistan

Can you understand complex operations and quickly figure out ways to simplify them? Work from Pakistan.

Do you enjoy digging into the details of every function to locate and eliminate operational inefficiencies? Are you an expert at improving internal operations to deliver more value to customers?

Forget about high-level management or sitting in meetings all day debating how to solve one problem. This role will have you transforming business processes through hands-on work, diving deep into each function to find the root cause of operational misalignments, and building restructuring plans to align with our proven playbook for fixing software companies.

This job will keep you focused on the faster-than-fastwork-paced startup. You'll handle the complex web of problem-solving, project-reporting and team-directing with grace and ease, turning travel-intensive environments into the environment you need most.

If you want to be part of a world-class software factory in a revolutionary remote environment, we invite you to join our team!

What you will be doing

Creating operational plans aligned to our playbooks specific to each function (e.g., Customer Support, Pricing, Sales)

What you will NOT be doing

  • High-level management and delegating responsibilities. We have automated administrative tasks and standardized work activities so that you can focus on the execution of your transformations. 
  • Overseeing steady-state operations. Rather, once you get a business unit to a state of smooth sailing, we'll assign you to the next challenge.

Key Responsibilities

  • Executing proven operational and structural frameworks to turn around broken companies
  • Achieving positive margins and high customer retention rates for our portfolio of acquisitions

Candidate Requirements

  • experience working in an operational role, in the enterprise software industry, building a deep understanding of software practices
  • experience in a customer-facing role (e.g., Support, Sales, Collections)

Frequently Asked Questions

How are these roles different from other similar roles?

Usually, similar roles are heavily taxed with administrative activities and sit far from day-to-day operations, leaving executives restricted to high-level management and delegation of all the work to direct reports. These roles allows you to investigate functions and build restructuring plans first-hand, creating fixes with unparalleled speed and impact while providing unique learning opportunities.

What makes someone successful in these roles?

The most successful people in these roles are:

  • Able to understand the customer's perspective and adjust internal operations to maximize customer value.
  • Experienced in the enterprise software industry, understanding of the different ways to support a product and the difference between developing it along with a common vision and enhancing it based on customer requests. 
  • Biased towards action - not content to just write plans but wants to see them implemented, measured, and improved upon 
  • Experts at simplifying, distilling masses of information into clear, simple decisions and recommendations for complex issues.
  • Humble executors, able to set pride in their own ideas aside and implement the best solution to the problem at hand, and to receive feedback well.

What are the main challenges for these roles?

The roles have broad scope and fast pace - you will work with problems from different functions across multiple companies, and iterate on your plans in weeks instead of years. If you like to oversee steady-state operations or prefer year-long planning cycles, this is not your role.

What you will learn

You will learn practices to transform software companies from a proven playbook. You will also learn in-depth how all functions of the company operate. Finally, you will learn the software factory model that allows operating 100+ companies with maximum efficiency.


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