SVP of Customer Support

Apply for high-paying remote Senior VP of Software Customer Support jobs right now. Manage a world-class support team delivering improvements in the quality of software support.

Senior VP of Software Customer Support

$ 400 USD/Year  $ 200 USD/Hour   40h/week   Remote Position   Long-term

Do you wish your current company viewed customer support as a strategic asset, staffed it with the best people in the world and continually innovated on the customer support process? Do you have a passion for delivering world-class software customer support through unparalleled online and call-center based support? Have you improved your skills within software environment with a culture of extreme customer accountability and service? If these questions appeal to you and you are interested in unleashing your talent with one of the fastest growing and most innovative global B2B enterprise private equity companies in the world - this role is for you.

Why Crossover?
Be a part of the fastest growing private equity portfolio in the world. Join our rapidly expanding partner network. Support an expanding global network of clients. A key benefit of Crossover is that all our roles are location independent. Live and work anywhere: work from home, a coffee shop or at one of the many co-working spaces Crossover partners can access and collaborate.

For the Senior VP of Software Customer Support speed is everything. You will be required to make critical decisions on a daily basis and set quarterly goals, demanding weekly progress from your team.

You will deliver quarterly improvements in the quality of software support (measured by internal quality metrics and by customer NPS), and the productivity of software support (measured by all in cost per ticket).

By leveraging your broad technical customer support experience and maintaining a level of excitement in your teams, you will ensure successful delivery of real enterprise class software.

You will recruit and manage a team of VPs of Customer Support and be responsible for their weekly delivery.

 Your daily tasks will include reading tickets, doing deep dives into specific problem areas, making decisions to remove obstacles, and planning for weekly and quarterly results.

Duties will include reading tickets, doing deep dives into specific problem areas, making decisions to remove blockers, and planning for weekly, quarterly, or yearly improvements. You will also manage multiple software products at the same time.


You will deliver aggressive quarterly quality and productivity targets that impact customer retention.

You will review metrics and analysis to make strategic decisions about team goals on a daily basis

You will handle customer escalations and deep dives on tickets and targets achieved

You will mentor and coach 5-10 VPs of customer support and coach them towards continuous improvement.

Master’s degree or equivalent

Minimum 5 years hands on software support as a Team Manager

Minimum 15+ years of overall software support industry experience

Previously managed 5-10 managers

Previously managed $5M/yr budget, and a team of at least 150 people

Able to identify and articulate patterns in unstructured and unorganized content

A passion for creating work in a process-driven way and working with team members to continuously improve that process.

Excellent at reducing overly complicated and unstructured answers into a set of simple and structured decisions
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