Are you a rockstar lead or chief architect who gets excited by making better software products? Have you led the design of core products at leading tech companies? Are you interested in making important technical decisions across dozen of enterprise solutions spanning multiple domains? Do you want to focus 100% of you attention on the things that matter? The killer features that differentiate your products? Implementations that push the limits of contemporary tech?


What will I be doing?


As an SVP of TPM, you will work across dozens of products to understand the problems they solve and make important technical decisions that will determine their long term viability

We believe that our approach towards Technical Product Management is truly unique. We objectively define each product in terms of the market it serves and the technology it leverages.

We uncover market-gaps or user pain-points by identifying CIV (Challenging, Important or Valuable) problems specific to that domain. We employ a standardized process to elicit relevant information from SMEs and succinctly describe each CIV Problem.

We then define Core Functionality (CFs) which the product will implement in order to address each CIV Problem. Through a combination of CIV Problems and CFs, we are in a position to analyze the product-market fit in an objective, standardized fashion. A CIV problem without any CFs is a remaining gap, while a CF which doesn’t address a CIV problem represents unnecessary complexity within the solution.

Once we have articulated the product-market fit, we turn our attention (and most of our time) towards identifying the Important Technical Decisions (ITDs) that will provide the core functionality in the most effective way.

As an SVP, you will:

  • Mentor and coach a team of VPs, each defining CIV problems, CFs and making ITDs as part of a weekly iteration of a product specification.

  • Control the scope of these specifications and simplify them by focusing on the core of the product and the real world problem that it solves.

  • Identify technology trends and understand when to apply them - leveraging leading open source and SaaS solutions to reduce the size and complexity of the product codebase

  • Help to evolve our standardized processes and playbooks and to ensure that each VP deliverable meets our high quality standards.

As part of a collaborative group of technical experts, you will create and iterate our process and technology playbooks, providing clear and concise guidance on how to produce each type of deliverable or when and how to apply a particular technology.

On a daily basis you will leverage your existing technical expertise and communication skills to:

  • Know what’s important. Understand where to focus your attention. Look for factors that impact the core of the product.

  • Communicate clearly and effectively. Not only should you be able to make your point concisely and unambiguously, but you also need to distill the important information from what others say and write.

  • Be able to simplify. Focus on the core the product, where your input can have the greatest impact.


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inbox Key Responsibilities
Each week, you will work across multiple products to:

Simplify technical design specs to ensure optimal product-market fit and that the Important Technical Decisions are focused on the core of the product

Identify relevant design and integration patterns to standardize product requirements and functionality

Define data structures, object models and algorithms to solve high-value problems

Make decisions that reduce scope in favor of simplicity

Throughout your time with us, you will:

Coach and mentor a team of VPs to maintain and improve the quality of level 2 specifications

Continually learn and leverage new technologies, patterns and practices

Solve complex, ever-changing problems across a large and growing product portfolio

Own the creation of simple and clear product specifications
wb_incandescent Candidate Requirements
Being successful as an SVP of TPM requires deep technical skills across a variety of technologies and domains in addition to exemplary communication skills

Specifically, candidates must have:
A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related discipline, (M.Sc. or Ph.D. preferred)

Developed and continue to maintain extensive, hands-on expertise in Java and/or C#

Primary decision maker for how individual cloud services should be used correctly as a part of what you were building
5+ years of experience of being responsible for creating design artifacts (including decision-making and documentation responsibilities)

Other, highly desirable skills include:
• Expertise in other current, mainstream languages (examples include Python, Go, Kotlin, Scala) and frameworks (examples NodeJS, Spring)
• Architecting web-scale SaaS solutions
• Ongoing contributions to leading Open Source project
• Have led the architecture and design on one or more significant solutions (total revenue more than 20M USD, or an entire user base of more than 1M users)