Remote Quality Assurance Jobs in Spain

Are you an expert at detecting differences between things you observe versus what you expect them to be? Work from Spain.

Do you love technology and have a passion for constantly learning new things? Are you excited about executing and automating tests for a suite of multiple, varied software solutions? 

Crossover is hiring for multiple teams that are in search for quality talent in the field of quality assurance.

If you share our obsession with product quality and want to learn and grow by working on a broad range of software solutions, we would love to hear from you. 

What you will be doing

  • Execute test cases with high precision and detail, diligently checking each step and documenting differences
  • Following a process that includes testing in two-hour "Deep Work blocks"

What you will NOT be doing

  • Coding - using Gherkin, you will be able to automate QA tests without any coding experience. 
  • Editing unit or integration tests - these are done by our software engineers. 

Key Responsibilities

Ensuring that every product you are assigned from our portfolio meets our rigorous quality standards

Candidate Requirements

  • A university degree (BS, MS, or Ph.D.) that included an in-depth study of data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, computer architecture, and software engineering
  • 4+ years of experience as a QA Engineer
  • Experience utilizing Selenium and Postman
  • Experience with API testing
  • Willingness to work overlapping at least five daily hours in the US EST Time zone 

Frequently asked questions

How are these roles different from other similar roles?

Unlike other similar roles, we do not expect you to manage the entire QA lifecycle or stakeholders. You will focus on ramping up and learning dozens of different software products and executing/automating test cases for them.

What makes someone successful in these roles?

To succeed here, you must be able to follow instructions and pay close attention to detail to ensure that you execute the test case precisely as it was defined.

What is the main challenge for this role?

The challenge in this role is to identify when ambiguity exists in test cases.

What you will learn

With us, you will have the opportunity every week to learn new products that solve problems for our customers across various business domains. By executing tests, you will understand what excellent test cases look like and what goes into writing effective ones. 

Work examples

Create a short (1-minute) demo video of someone using the tool to test a product, finding a bug and reporting it explaining how to reproduce it. Throughout the video we are narrating what the person is doing and showing what the work is like



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