10 Best Remote Software Engineering Tech Jobs
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10 Best Remote Software Engineering Tech Jobs

by Hazel Butler
10 Best Remote Software Engineering Tech Jobs
  • #1. Elite Coder
  • #2. Senior Software Engineer
  • #3. Mobile Solution Director
  • #4. Principal Solutions Architect
  • #5. SVP of Software Engineering
  • #6. Frontend Developer
  • #7. Full Stack Web And Mobile Development
  • #8. Cloud Operations Engineer
  • #9. Senior Technical Consultant
  • #10. CTO
  • Final Thoughts...

There’s a wide range of remote work in tech where you can gain the income you want. At Crossover you can find full-time software engineering jobs with silicon valley-level pay—worldwide.

If you’re an experienced software engineer, there's a wide range of full-time remote work opportunities you can take advantage of to gain the freedom—and income—you’re looking for.

Most remote work sites outside the US list predominantly short-term gigs and contracts, but here at Crossover you can find permanent full-time remote software engineering jobs with US tech companies that offer the same high pay whether you live in Silicon Valley, Bangalore, or somewhere else entirely.

These roles are ideal for highly skilled developers who are sick of commuting, or don't want their job to tie them to a major tech city.

In no particular order, here are 10 of our top picks.

#1. Elite Coder

If you’re looking for a role that provides you a true challenge and the chance to be on the cutting edge of innovation and development, you may be destined to be an elite coder. A position of this nature, like this one with Trilogy, really gives you the chance to stretch yourself, hone your skills, and be a driving force in the technology industry.

In a role like this, you'll spend your days crafting the highest quality code to create innovative products from scratch.

The pay for this role is USD$200,000/year regardless of where the successful candidate lives.

To set yourself apart when applying for similar positions, you need a way to demonstrate your passion for coding and your ability to craft unique code from scratch. An impressive portfolio of past projects will help with this.

#2. Senior Software Engineer

If you're an experienced software engineer who thrives in high-paced environments, your next career step could be building products at planet-scale! At Crossover, we pride ourselves on finding the best Senior Software Engineers in the world and helping them find jobs with top US tech companies 

We regularly list roles like this with companies like GT School (building the future of education), TelcoDR (revolutionizing the telecommunications industry) and Trilogy (powering 100+ B2B SaaS products on the public cloud).

The pay for these roles ranges between USD$80,000-100,000/year.

Whatever your favorite tech stack( Java, C#, Typescript, C++, or Python), whether you are a Cloud guru or DB mastermind, we want you to have an impact. The quality bar is high, but if you can meet it: whichever technical direction you wish to further your career, you will find a great fit in our clients' broad range of cloud-native software companies. 

#3. Mobile Solution Director

The world is increasingly mobile, and roles in the mobile sphere, like this one with Aurea Software, can be highly rewarding, not to mention extremely lucrative. 

A role like this is ideal for an expert in technical mobile solutions who’s highly skilled and fully capable of delivering a solid user experience based on great architecture and tech. You’d be responsible for the company’s strategy, vision, and execution of all its mobile components.

This role at Aurea pays USD$200,000/year. 

To stand out and win a position like this, ensure you have expertise in mobile development architecture - including hybrid, native, web, and cross-platform options, plus AWS.

#4. Principal Solutions Architect 

Landing a role as a senior solutions architect for an innovative software company that only hires the best and the brightest is one way to reach unprecedented career heights. Positions like this role from Totogi truly reward exceptional talent.

Companies like this are not interested in mediocrity or average talent. They create cutting-edge solutions and want people capable of driving that innovation, undaunted by the prospect of smashing the status quo.  

A remote role like this pays USD$400,000/year.

Stand-out skills for a role of this nature include being an AWS Certified Solution Architect and fluency in at least one additional language.

#5. SVP of Software Engineering

Are you a leading technical expert who enjoys creating and scaling software products? Do you thrive in the driver’s seat for continuous quality improvements? If you have devoted your last decade to architecting software with enterprise-scale, we challenge you to spend the next decade building apps with web-scale!

With much higher sustainability and scalability than startups and 4x the delivery pace of legacy companies, we are proud to invite you to join our clients in this cloud revolution that we call Remote 2.0.

We regularly have permanent full-time remote SVP of Software Engineering roles with companies like GT School (building the future of education), TelcoDR (revolutionizing the telecommunications industry) and Trilogy (powering 100+ B2B SaaS products on the public cloud).

The pay for these roles ranges between USD$320,000-400,000/year.

If you're not quite ready to operate at the SVP level, we also regularly have VP-level roles which you may be suited for.

#6. Frontend Developer

For a skilled developer, there is huge scope for earning better income in a remote position. Roles like this one for an Angular developer at Trilogy are ideal for a mid-level developer with a great eye for detail and design, a flair for creativity and intuitive development, and enough skills and experience to effectively fulfill the role without in-person supervision.

The pay for this fully-remote role is USD$60,000/year, which is higher than the market rate in most countries.

To land a role of this nature, gain experience in areas that are outside the run-of-the-mill development sphere so you can bring unique elements to the table. For example, experience with UI design libraries or working with Azure cloud will help you stand out.

#7. Full Stack Web And Mobile Development

For the highly skilled developer capable of providing both web and mobile development, there’s a world of opportunity for remote work in a role that requires full-stack development.

Roles like this one at Avolin are a great opportunity. Companies are always on the lookout for developers who can create truly responsive designs for a wide range of clients. 

The pay for this role is USD$60,000/year, which is guaranteed to the successful applicant.

To shine in your application for a position like this, you’ll need as much hands-on development experience as possible. You’ll also want to be familiar with JavaScript, React, ReactNative, CSS, HTML, and PHP.

#8. Cloud Operations Engineer

For those of you with expertise in Cloud engineering, there are plenty of opportunities to join a global software organization, like this role from Trilogy

Perfect for the forward-thinking troubleshooter who thrives on a challenge and loves maintaining highly complex systems, roles like this offer the opportunity to be responsible for the maintenance of a thriving global SaaS infrastructure.

This particular role pays USD$60,000/year. If this isn't the right level for you, we also regularly have roles both junior and senior to this position within cloud operations.

If you’re looking to stand out when applying for a role like this, ensure you have proven experience with shell scripts, and look at getting a certification in AWS Solutions Architect or AWS SysOps Administrator.

#9. Senior Technical Consultant

Another great type of remote opportunity can be found in technical consultancy roles, particularly for those with high levels of experience, like this role from IgniteTech.

If you’re a seasoned tech consultant with a genuine flair for customer-facing support, roles like this are perfect. You’d be responsible for continually driving improvement in processes while identifying the root causes of issues.

The pay for this fully-remote position is USD$100,000/year, regardless of where the successful applicant is located.

If you’re looking to stand out when applying for a role like this, invest some time in getting hands-on cloud development experience, as well as team leadership experience and expertise in building and delivering enterprise-grade SaaS products.

#10. CTO

If you have a knack for making important technical decisions, a role as a CTO could be perfect for you. This vacancy from GT School, for example, is the ideal opportunity to hone your skills in software development. Perfect for budding design, development, and gaming wizards, roles like this offer opportunities to help leverage software development for education.

Several different Crossover clients are currently listing CTO positions, with pay ranging from USD$160,000-$800,000/year depending on the organization.

To really stand out for a role like this, you'll need several years of experience in a senior position, including 4+ years of making important architecture and design decisions on software projects.

Final Thoughts...

There is so much scope for development in the tech sphere, with more companies switching to hybrid or remote-first teams. For many new positions, companies are actively looking for a remote worker, rather than throwing “work from home” in the mix as a bonus.

If your ultimate goal is to increase your earnings, there are positions available for a range of skills and levels of experience. If you're looking to make the big bucks, however, focusing on developing originality in your work and a portfolio of successful projects is absolutely crucial. 

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