EBTEST 3342 CP4FORK - SaaSOps Software Engineering Manager

Are you an outstanding manager who wants to lead at the enterprise level? Learn more about our SaaSOps Software Engineering Manager role.

SaaSOps Software Engineering Manager

$ 100k/Year  ($ 50/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)  Remote Position   Long-term

We are looking for an experienced SaaSOps Engineering Leader, who brings outstanding managerial and technical capabilities to run the engineering operations of multi-million-dollar revenue enterprises with SaaS products.

The SaaSOps Engineering Manager should have the ability to multi-task, be organized to meet tight deadlines and be extremely process focused to excel in a fast paced environment.

As a team leader, you will be responsible for building and managing a high-performance team, running deep dives with your teams to resolve blockers and ensure the team is delivering on daily tasks outlined in the weekly targets.

Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

The SaaSOps Engineering Manager ($100K/year) will be expected to ensure the availability, uptime and cost optimization of our high-quality products.

You should have an always-on mentality, a passion for metrics-driven decisions, and a desire to execute drastically differentiated technical operations processes using cutting edge technologies.

In this position, the SaaSOps Engineering Manager will be expected to meet tight daily SLAs and use your technical and managerial abilities to drive your team to deliver weekly, monthly and quarterly improvements to our ultra-efficient application hosting infrastructure.

The SaaSOps Engineering Manager activities will include: running deep-dives into weekly metrics and escalations, leveraging your broad Technical Operations Management experience to raise the level of the team performance in an atypical fast paced environment and coaching a team from a global talent pool.

At Crossover, we set high-quality bars and push for constant improvements.


To apply for a role at Crossover, you will go through a series of online tests, usually during the online hiring event. If you pass these tests, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in our four-full-time week Crossover University “Bootcamp” training program. This is elite training taught by our top instructors.

Here’s what our graduates have to say about Crossover University:

"I am very pleased to say that because of Crossover's unorthodox and unique way of transferring the knowledge through (Paired sessions, coaching sessions with CSMs), I have never been more confident in my technical skills and abilities for my role."
-Mikael F

"The CTO Bootcamp was another thing that motivated me. I wanted to see how CTOs across the globe work and learn from them."
-Javed Z

"I've been with the company since Aug (been part of the second Bootcamp) and since then I've learned SQL, databases, servers, tapes, other content management systems etc- and that's only been in 3 months. Usually when I'm in a new company, I learned a lot about their platform, their tools etc during the length of my time with them but never at this speed!."
-Monnaliza T

It is offered as soon as you want to get started. You will be compensated for 40 hrs/ week at the hourly rate for the role you are applying to. Crossover University is an excellent opportunity to learn about our culture, expectations, tools, processes, and procedures. It's an intensive and demanding program, but every graduate is guaranteed a job at the end of it.


A hiring event is a scheduled online event where all our relevant testing relating to a role is conducted on the same day. Submissions received during the event are graded the following week, and successful candidates notified if they have progressed to the next round which is an online interview with a Hiring Manager.


Keep track of outages with the purpose to improve reliability over time

Coordinate the team to build solutions to problems that interrupt availability, performance, and stability in our systems, services, and products at scale

Ensure RCAs are being conducted and the adequate action plans to prevent outages from happening again are improving overall uptime and quality

Define/ review infrastructure needs (capacity planning, backup/data integrity)

Enforce change management

Drive rigorous continuous product releases across multiple, complex software products

Implement engineering management strategies to achieve world-class productivity and cost efficiency

Manage customer-facing and internally focused SaaSOps product environments and service delivery activities

Adhere to metrics to enable useful measurement of key performance indicators

Establish world-class standards and technical operations to deliver consistent, high-quality services across dispersed, global teams

Engage and align top talent through active recruitment, mentoring, hands-on leadership and career management


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering

10+ years of experience in hands-on system administration, SaaS/PaaS operations, or IT operations

3+ years experience of leading teams of Cloud/SaaS technologies

Experience managing teams of at least 10+ people

Commercial experience in SaaSOps/TechOps/Infrastructure Ops/DevOps, & networking, performance, security and operations

Excellent understanding of current enterprise software technologies and development practices/tools, including virtualization, source control, build and test automation, and code quality automation technologies

Demonstrated success as a problem solver, result-oriented, & a self-starter

Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world

Good proficiency in the English language


As a SaaSOps Engineering Manager in Crossover, you will get an opportunity to learn and work on cutting-edge monitoring tools, which allow you to operate at an intensity and scale of thousands of servers for 70+ different software companies.

You will be exposed to our metrics-driven culture, which is the foundation of our success in measuring and improving every engineering process and product we deliver. 

Working with the top 1% talent will help you enhance your managerial as well as technical skills. Ultimately Crossover’s dynamic environment will allow you to move fast, set and achieve aggressive goals.


Work Examples

Every job creates excellent work. We want to show you the types of things you will learn, using real work examples of the processes, training examples, playbooks, projects you will build on the job.

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How ESW Capital & Crossover Build Infrastructure to Handle 100s of Software Products?

This is an interview with one of our SaaSOps Engineering Manager, about deciding to build a Central repository to host all docker containers of all companies and products owned by ESW Capital.

Responsibilities and Performance Metrics for a SaaSOps Engineering Manager

This is the SaaSOps Engineering Manager Playbook which describes the responsibilities and main goals related to cost-reduction, uptime and general management.

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and Answers

  • What are the Cloud certifications required in the role of SaasOps engineering manager?

    At Crossover we are always fostering our team to learn continuously. We understand that some Cloud certifications may help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills, but there is no particular certification required for the role of SaasOps engineering manager.

  • Can you provide some information on SaaSOps teams are measured?

    The organizations' goals revolve around weekly targets. Additionally, the SaaSOps engineering manager is intended to meet his/her key objectives of availability, agility, high-performance, privacy, compliance, and efficiency.

  • Who does the SaaSOps engineering manager report to directly?

    This position reports directly to the VP of engineering.

  • How do you manage the huge load with a smaller sized team?

    That is the key to the Crossover model. We are responsible for finding and hiring top talent for over 70 software companies owned by ESW Capital, and we can achieve economies of scale. Instead of running 70 SaasOps engineering teams for all the companies we own, we run a single engineering team which can manage a vast infrastructure.

  • How do you acquire and integrate a new software company into your portfolio so aggressively?

    Before acquiring a company, we conduct 4 weeks due diligence. After the buying decision is made, we use our standard model to import the software company into Crossover centralized environment within 90 days. During this time we take whatever the company has created and re-engineer or restructure it, improving it to match our standardized model for software products.